Friday, August 6, 2010

6 Week Stats

This is one of those posts that will be boring to everyone.  Everyone except myself.  I just want to jot these down before I forget.

Magnolia, sweet girl, you just love to be held.  You get very offended if I put you down. . .even if you were just fast asleep.  You are lucky that I love to hold you, and that you are so cute.  I am lucky that your Aunt Ruth let me use her wrap or my arms would fall off. You are not a normal newborn, if there is such a thing.   The phrase "sleep like a baby" does not apply to you.  You are a super light sleeper.  You are strong.  Most babies are sort of limp and squishy like cooked spaghetti.  Not you.  Even when you eat your legs stick out straight as boards.  Silly Noli.
We love you so much.  Lily loves you and always wants to see your "facey".  It is all I can do to protect you for all of her love.  Today you had your first bath with your big sister.  She loved it and you survived so I count it as a success.  Lily's first comment when I put you in the bath was 'Let's see if she sinks!'.  I assured her that you do.  After she shared (threw) a toy with you it was time for you to get out.  Lily was sad.   Just the other day your big sister said 'I have been waiting and waiting for a baby just like this and now, I have her!'  It was very sweet.
You are a good baby, but still fairly fussy when you are awake (unless you are in the wrap, on mommy with the paci).  I think you will feel better when you figure out how to use your body.  You seem very frustrated by the limitations of your new body.  I think you just want to sit up and be a big girl!
I love you and am so happy to have you in our family.  Little Noli, you are loved.