Monday, April 28, 2008

My Day Off

After 6 short hours in the hospital, my mystery lump was removed and I was sent home. Other than a gnarly bruise that would rival even the likes of Claudia's and a little swelling, I am feeling really well. The pain is minimal. I would say I am in no more pain now than I was before the surgery and I assume I am healing normally. I have a post-op appointment next week so I don't really know if my scarred and bruised boob is up to par but I am not seeing any extensive bleeding or other weirdness. Is that TMI (for you Office fans?)?

Thank you for the well wishes and the concern. I am well, and in another week when I can get back in the water, I will be back to my old self again.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lily Lately

Lily and I sure have a lot of fun together. My greatest blessing in life is that I get to stay home with her and watch her grow. I love it. I love her silliness and her sweetness. She is at such a special age. I cannot believe how much she learns every day. I thought I would share some random shots of us during the last few weeks.

We went on a hike with our friends, Amy and Troy and their four kids. The hike was beautiful but Lily was GROUCHY. She whined almost the entire time. Poor thing. She had a two week bought of not feeling like herself. I am so happy that she is feeling back to her old self now!

Lily has had a recent aversion to all clothes. She has been interested in the potty more lately. I think she is more interested in the candy she gets when something comes out while on the potty. Whatever the reason, she loves to be naked, and she loves to climb.

I made Lily a little tutu a couple of weeks ago. I tried to get her to model it but she was being so silly!

Ha ha! I took off the silly skirt! NAKED TIME!

Lily has been playing in this box for the last week or so. She loves to put her lamby and blanket inside and snuggle up. She sometimes wants a blanket on the outside, too. Unfortunately, she confused the box with the potty the other day while her diaper was off. The box had to go. We were lucky that there was nothing else in the box at the time!

Finger painting

I walked in her room the other day and she had these shorts on her head. She walked around like that for awhile. She has been really into dressing up lately. This mostly entails putting stuff on her head.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Think It and It Happens

I don't think I have any male readers, but if I do, just know before you read that this post contains details of my female-related medical history. If you don't want to read the word "boob" then don't read the rest. Dang it! Well, you already read it so just go on ahead.

I have never thought of having a boob job. In college my roommates called me 'Busty', as in a nickname. If anything I guess I have wished for a reduction. When I was pregnant, I thought I was going to have to buy a special wheeled cart to keep from falling on my face while walking. Don't worry, they deflated. But I digress.
Let me continue, digressing, that is. About a month ago I had a thought: I would love to have something minor happen to me. Something bad enough to land me in the hospital for a day but nothing so bad to actually be bad. I stay in bed for a whole day, have people waiting on me hand and foot, no one would expect you do anything. Plus I would probably get pain killers and that might counter the bad hospital food. At least I wouldn't have to prepare or clean up any of that hospital food. Also, being in the hospital, I would be free from guilt from having this entire day off. If I were to go to a spa or a resort for a day I would be racked with guilt for spending so much money on something so frivolous as a day free from responsibility. I actually had this thought. Even writing it now, it sounds so ridiculous.
In January I noticed a highly painful lump in my right breast. I got it checked out and it turned out to be a cyst of some sort. Not to worry. Then it disappeared. Bonus! Then, in March, another one popped up. This one was bigger, badder, more painful and was not to be deterred by a measly ultrasound. Or two rounds of two different antibiotics, or hot presses, massage, or ANYTHING. This guy was here to stay. Or so I thought. Turns out the docs here take large, suspicious boob bumps pretty seriously. After a giant needle to the mass sucked out next to nothing, the specialist said I needed to be parted from my painful partner. So, tomorrow I go in for my breast augmentation surgery. It is same day surgery but I still have to be there all day.
Last week I had a little bit of a mental break down. One night while laying in bed I was thinking: 'Why me? Why does my body have to continue to mutiny against me? Can't I just be healthy? Even in ONE PART OF MY BODY? Seriously, if I have to deal with potential breast cancer can I at least walk without a limp? Is that too much to ask?'
Then the thought hit me: 'this IS what you asked for.' A day in the hospital. Nothing too serious, but just enough to get you a full day in your own room with a TV and a drip line of painkillers, and a breast reduction. At least on one side.
I have to stop daydreaming. If I don't I may end up back in high school but still retaining the knowledge I have acquired since then, progressing so quickly past my peers in both academics and the arts that I end up being the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, put out a platinum album, and win the Xterra Tri all in the same year.

Monday, April 21, 2008


While doing my music challenge assignment I broke out all the old CD's that have been living, dormant, in Chris' office, my drawer, the glove compartment, etc. and gave them the first listen, in some cases, years. Death Cab for Cutie, Get Up Kids, Ryan Adams, Saves the Day, and Heather Nova all graced my car stereo and I, with eager ears, welcomed each nostalgic note. I was surprised by my past favorites that no longer held much appeal to me and that some music I had hastily tossed aside now held new interest. I used to listen to Saves the Day 'Requiem' over and over and over and now, 7 years later, I could barely make it through the end of each track. Nickel Creek's sophomore effort, 'This Side', however, hasn't left my player in two weeks, the title track of the record taking up 90% of the play-time, when, 5 years ago when it came out, I barely listened to it at all.
I always say that I hate change. It is hard for me to welcome something out of my comfort zone. But, as I look back at my life, and not just the soundtrack of it, I am glad that I have changed. In fact, I think it is important that we do. Stagnant waters are never healthy. Who knows? Maybe in five years I will trade in my Nickel Creek for 50 cent. Maybe not.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Easter

Better late than never. I am still trying to figure out my new iMovie stuff. I hope this works. This clip is mostly for the grandparents (meaning it isn't that exciting and has waaaaaay too much footage of Lily playing with a toothbrush). I hope there will be more videos to come (and maybe we can move on to hair brushes!).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Believe?

My favorite professor in college was Helen Chuang (now, Boswell). She is one of those amazing people who is beautiful, intelligent, artistic and a great friend all rolled into one. I was lucky to take Genetics, Evolution and Vertebrate Physiology from her before I graduated and then to work with her (sort of) after my graduation. She truly was a mentor to me is more ways than simply science and I am always happy that we became friends outside of the University as well.
Since I left Cedar City, Helen has been up to big things. I don't keep in touch with her very well but she emailed me (and several others) yesterday with great question. One thing I loved about her classes is that I always left them thinking and craving to know more, to think more, to be more. This question was one of those.
Let me back up. Helen is writing a book. I am sure it will be amazing (have I reached "gushing" stage yet? I like the gal, okay?). For insight for a section of her book about the importance people put on religion she asked us to reply, in A SINGLE SENTENCE to the following question:

Why is religion important in your life?

Those of you who know me know that i cannot answer "What time is it?" in a single sentence. This one was going to be tough. I thought about it all day. I even did rough drafts. My religion, as for many of you, is such an important part of my life that I rarely think to define why. I just know it is. The single sentence requirement was hard for me. Being concise is not easy.

Here is my answer:

Knowledge of an atonement of my past transgressions and sorrows as well as a belief in a better life to come allows me optimism to try to better myself, my fellows and my environment today.

I then thought, maybe she was asking about ORGANIZED religion, rather than just the importance of having spiritual beliefs. We get that question a lot out here. There are a lot of Ba'Hai (we believe in ALL truth) and other self-churchers (for lack of a real term). For many, it makes sense to have spirituality be a top priority but needing to structure that into an organization with administrators is only to distract from your one divine journey. So, I also sent my argument for organized religion but, since I felt this was extra credit, I did not comply to the one sentence restriction. Truthfully, I couldn't edit it down. The hot air just kept blowing.

Here it is. Why I go to church:

Even with certain knowledge of one’s earthly purpose and their divine potential, it is naive to think that a single person can obtain all the necessary knowledge, skills and comfort possible without the experience of others. There is a stronger bond between those who share the their religion as their paramount priority than that of any other association. This security within an organized religion allows members to lesson the worry over temporal needs and focus, uninhibited on the spiritual.

I realize many (all) of you check this blog for pictures and not for the philosophies of an over-tired stay-at-home-mom. Sorry. My blog. My rules. Thanks for reading.

Love to all and happy Tuesday,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Believe . . .

. . .and music Monday will return.

I am a poser fan of American Idol. I want to watch the show. I do. I want to like it. I want to jump in on the conversation between the two clerks at the fabric store debating who was going to be in the top two. I want to remember what night(s) and time(s) the show comes on so I can achieve these dreams, but I can't. I am sad to admit that Chris is by far a bigger fan than I. I think this is mostly due to his coworkers. You can only shop talk paint for so long!
That said, I did catch Mr. Seacrest announcing a songwriting contest in junction with this year's competition. I guess that have done this in the past? Maybe? Anyway, you can go online and vote for original songs submitted for the winning Idol to sing on the last episode. If Erin is feeling guilty for voting for some of the contestants, how should I feel about listening to all 20 songs and rating each one? Turns out I feel just fine about it. It is fun, and you don't have to listen to the whole song to rate it and move on.
If you wanted to enter a song this year with hopes of it being chosen as one of the top 20, then "Believe" clearly should be in your title. No less that four songs had some form of 'believe' in the title. I also am pretty sure that one of the songs came straight of an EFY CD.
There are (in my humble opinion) a few good songs on there. Now, granted, we are talking American Idol, here, not a contest for the next Arcade Fire single. Keeping that in mind, I gave out a few 9's. I also gave a few 2's. I mean really. "I saw it over the rainbow?" Should that lyric ever be in a song? Sung by a man? Not in a drag version of The Wizard of Oz?
So if you are bored and want to hear some American Idol inspired music, go on and vote, and let me know your fav's.

Happy Monday.

Oh, I want to leave with a quote. My friend Amy said this to me the other day and it changed my life. Really.

"Your [trial] doesn't define you. You are still you."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Shoes

This weekend I made four pair of cloth shoes. I have been wanting to try these for awhile. I am not sure why. Now, writing it out it sounds a little lame. I downloaded the pattern/tutorial from
and it is super easy. I am addicted! Lily loved the first pair I made but they were too small (I was trying the original pattern before I messed with the sizing) and so those became her baby doll's shoes. After I finished a pair for Lily she never wanted to take them off. So extreme was her determination to keep her new slippers on that she even kept them on while on the potty. Normally she must be completely naked or forget it. Then I made some Hello Kitty ones and some for a baby shower. I thought Lily would love the Hello Kitty ones because she LOVES Hello Kitty. I am not really sure how her love with the white cat started. Whenever she sees something with HK on it she just goes ballistic. Granted, she (the cat) is EVERYWHERE in Hawaii. There is a Japanese store near our house that is 70% dedicated to Hello Kitty. We go there as an outing sometimes. Once we even went to MEET Hello Kitty there. It was perhaps the best day of Lily's young life. Anyway, I thought I was being the nicest mommy in the world by struggling with the silky fabric with large, somewhat frighting, kitty heads on it. I guess I didn't realize that cutting up the fabric would be so traumatic to her. I should have just let her keep the yard of fabric. What was I thinking? After a nap (during which I finished the shoes) and letting her hold the remnant fabric she was very pleased to have the Hello Kitty shoes. Downside? I think she might grow out of them tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the shoes:

New Shoes

New Eyes

Chris got glasses. He has had contacts for years but since we have been married he hasn't had glasses (well, he did for one month but then lost them). He decided recently that he would like to go back to basics and get specs. I think he looks amazing. I don't know why but I just want to kiss him whenever he wears them. He looks good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Dress, The Confession, The Truth

Before anyone (Angi) gets too excited about "the dress" I made for Lily, I guess I should come clean. I used a pair of my old capris that had a stain and a shirt from a garage sale. I used the existing hem from the pants on the skirt of the dress and front of the shirt was the frilly part of the dress. I didn't sew any button holes or buttons and I used two existing seams from the capris, as well. Basically I cheated. I do feel a little bit like the Native Americans who used every part of the buffalo, though. I used the pocket linings to line the arm-holes and the back facing. Nothing too fancy, though. I just copied a dress Lily had and then made up the rest as I went. And like I said, the skirt (because of the existing hemline) is crooked. So before you start looking for me on Project Runway, know that I am a novice, too cheap to buy new fabric and that I struggle to follow a pattern. That said, I hope that Angi does post pix of the dresses she makes for Addi.
You can tell from these pix that the skirt is a little off (and in need of an iron) and that the back seams don't match exactly. Blah blah. I sewed something! I am domestic! Hear me roar!

The Dress, The Confession, The Truth