Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thanks to all for the kind compliments on the photos on my blog.  I thought I had given credit where credit is due by my little Halloween pic on the side bar over yonder right side.  It says (in case you are confused if I meant your right or stage right or my right) "My mother takes great pictures" as the caption.  By this I meant that my mother, Diane, takes great pictures.  If you find yourself looking at my blog and thinking "that was a great shot" my mom took it.  She took all the dolly shots, any featured shots on the sidebar and any shots that don't look like they were taken with one of those wind-'em-up disposable jobbies.  I just realized today that it sounds like I am having Lily, who is in the Halloween pic, say "my mother takes great pictures" and thus talking about myself.  I am blushing even as I type this.  I would hope that nobody would think I am that desperate for compliments that I would imbed my own compliment into my own blog.  On the other hand, I sort of am (that desperate for compliments), and find myself pleased that so many of you would think me capable of producing shots of that quality.  Also on the same hand as the latter comment (my right hand, not stage right) I do post my sewing projects and other crafties in hopes of hooking a few sincere compliments so I really can't blame anyone for thinking that I was using my two-year-old as a voice for them.  Really, either way it is pathetic. 

Here is the bottom line:

I am a horrible photographer.
I love good photography so I have my mother do it as often as she will agree.
I am secretly glad when people think I took the photos that she took.
But I didn't.

Thanks mom.  Sorry everyone.  I can hold a handstand for a really really really long time, does that earn me any points?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dolly Dresses Up

Once there was a girl who loved her Dolly. They played together and slept in the same princess bed. The girl loved her little vintage print skirt that matched her favorite dolly. But what to do when potty training goes awry? How can we play when not matched? Simply have mother whip up some new togs and back to play we go!

Great Grandma's bedsheet made a perfect garden party skirt.

Perhaps my most favorite thing right now is looking forward to my monthly swap. My friend, Angi (crafter and cook genius and great mother, friend, photographer, maverick) and I started doing 'swaps' a few months ago in the pattern of all great crafters and wannabes. Each month we send each other something we have made. It can be anything but must be handmade. Last month Lily got a sweet Sophie doll ala The Black Apple and a matching cutesy skirt. Lily loves it and even sleeps with it at night. She loves the matching skirt but unfortunately her mean mama won't let her wear it everyday. I thought I could solve the problem by whipping up some new frocs for Dolly from my scrap pile. I was rather pleased with myself and couldn't wait to show Lily but was still met with tears. "She needs a shirt!" Sigh. I guess I should get back to the Bernina. But here are a few shots of Dolly and her new wardrobe. Oh, and I guess this is a spoiler for Angi's next swap that is now in the mail (I am behind one swap, as one of Angi's other talents is being on the ball.)

Speaking of balls, what else would a respectable Dolly wear to one than a pink tutu with pom-pommed petticoat?

I call this my 'park bench skirt'.

Be sure to check out theblackapple.typepad.com for the free pattern of the doll and other fab art and craftsty stuffs. I am in love with her prints and they will be gracing my new home. I am thinking the Milkland Carousel for the playroom what do you think?

Oh, and Angi is linked on my sidebar. Her blog has free tutorials and other awesomeness




Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Wishing