Thursday, June 4, 2009

Party Time

Last month (hey, I have been busy!) was Chris' birthday and we celebrated with a birthday/housewarming party. There are few times in my life when I have planned things and they have gone exactly like I have imagined. I tend to be a big planner. I like details and grand gestures and yet rarely do I have the forsight or budget to execute my grand ideas. So my three ring circus is usually just some gas station cotton candy and a kazoo and I am left disappointed. But this time, it was magic. We had a ton of people, a ton of food, live music, crazy kiddos, house tours, Wii on a big screen for the teens, and just FUN. I want to do it again! Maybe tomorrow!

I was running around giving tours, playing music and refilling the grinds so I didn't take one single picture but I did steal several from Erin's facebook. My mom took several, also which I will post later. . .if I remember.

Richard was our A/V guy and set up a little sound stage for us. He kicked off the entertainment portion of the evening with his classic 'Beard Song'. A sure, not-to-be-missed.
Chris sang some of his songs. . .I love when he sings. He should do it more. Another reason for more parties!

Richard trying to jam along to my horrible playing. I don't practice much. Enough said. It was fun, though!

My cutie with my cutie sister. Alyssa was an angel and took care of Lily about the whole time. She even had to clean up an "accident" while I was playing with Erin and Alisha. Thank you, Alyssa!

This is a rare shot of the first performance of the Blithe reunion tour! It was SOOOOO fun to have Erin drive up and to have Alisha close enough to get the ol' college band back together. We didn't practice at all just sat up there and tried to play an old song. And if I do say so myself, it wasn't that bad. And, since I have no audio to prove it wrong, that is the truth you must all now believe. It was so fun I can barely type without smiling. I do miss those girls.

Alisha and I have been able to get together a few times to "jam" since I have been back in Utah. She is so talented and kind. I am so happy she puts up with me. I have such a great time singing with her.

Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was having Erin come stay the night. I love Erin. She is a life long friend and so generous and thoughtful. She makes me smarter every time I am near her. She is so beautiful inside and out. Our house was truly happier with her in it. Thank you, Erin, for making the trip. She took some darling pictures of Lily (also stolen from her facebook. . .hee hee) and was a good sport about my tour of our town. Come back, Erin, come back!