Thursday, November 29, 2007

So much for the double poke!

Lily had her flu shot. Or shots. When one has the vaccine for the first time they need it twice, 6 weeks apart. As you may or may not know. I struggle with vaccines. One of my best friends here in HI is very vocally against them, and for good reason. She has compelling and scary arguments. In the end, I have decided for myself that vaccinating Lily is the responsible thing to do. It doesn't mean that I sleep any better the night before or stop praying over and over "PLLLEEEAASE make this do what this is meant to do and not what I know it could do". Also, it doesn't help that Lily now has: THE FLU. Poor baby. She has slept and been held all day. Throwing up, high fever. All the classics. Doctor saw her this afternoon and said if she doesn't start holding fluids down in the next four hours then into the ER we must go. Fortunately she has held down several tablespoons of juice with water since then. She won't drink much. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with the sickling. I think she is going to recover, but will I? Just kidding. But really, what is the point of poking your kid twice, risking all the risks and stressing about it when they end up sick anyway? Poop. I took a cute pic of her being sick but I will have to post it later. I can't find the camera hook up thingy.
Love to all of you and a special note to Claudia: Let it be known that you do NOT have ugly hair. You are one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. You rock, don't kid yourself.
Love, Meg
PS I must confess: being the only thing that makes your baby feel better sure does feel awesome. I am loving how cuddly she is. I just wish she didn't have to be sick to be so lovey!

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Technical Difficulties

Could it be the user? I know that is what you are all asking. And yes, yes it could. And probably is. I can't get the darn song to play when you open my blog. Should be easy. It isn't. So, just go to itunes and listen to Stand Still Look Pretty off the Pickin' On The Wrekers CD from the Pickin' On Series. They do some great stuff. Their Myspace page has a Nickleback cover. Nickel Creek to Nickleback. Perhaps we have come full circle.
At some point I should be able to have audio on this blog. It just isn't fair! Here are some pictures. I do know how to do that!

Where did the week go?

I guess when I post a 'Monday' post on a Thursday it really does make the real Monday come around quick. Here it is again. Even in Utah, it is still Monday for two and half more hours. I love winter when the time difference is only 3 hours. For some reason, 4 just seems so much longer. I really had intended something special for this Monday but I am, literally, having technical difficulty. No matter. It will keep. For this week's post I will like to first reference Erin's awesome Nickel Creek post. Loved it. It cannot be topped. You know that person that always tops your story immediately after you tell it. If you have a hang nail, they have a shattered clavicle. If you win a free value meal, they tell you about the time they won a million dollars. Well, this is sort of like that. In reverse. I am going to post something in the same vain as Erin (Erin, is that the correct homonym of 'vain'?) only I am going to be understating. Erin's post is the topper. The topper that came first. I can do no better, but here it is.
I have liked Michelle Branch ever since I found her Spirit Room on the road on Center Street in Provo. I watched her win the grammy and her catchy 3 chord songs were some of the first I learned to play. I still love singing along to her tunes, enunciating the same way she does (play-ya, stay-ya, way-ya). I really really have been enjoying the Wreckers, her band with. . .what's-her'name-blondie-friend. The songs are so sing-along-able that you almost think you have heard them before. My friend turned me on to this great tribute to The Wreckers and a must-hear for any Nickel Creek lover. Here it is. . .Pickin' On The Wreckers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Here's a clue to my mystery music video artist: He has skied naked. He has had TB. He has animated historical figures to sing Weezer songs and he has been in bands with the following names: Johnny Befriends a Hobo, Worst Friend Ever, and well that is all I can think of but I think there are around a million. All with the same band members. Himself. And Johnny.

Music Monday Missed

Well, I told you to expect it. I missed, this, the only second chance to post a Music Monday. In my defense, I left the house at 5:00 in the morning, flew to Oahu, took a cab to my doctor's appointment, walked the five and a half miles back to the airport, flew (with bloody, blistered feet I might add) to Maui, got in the car, drove 2+ hours to Hana where I spent the last three days with Chris and his visiting family members. To make up for it (I love pretending more than 3 people read this and that they actually expect me, nay even look forward to, me posting things!) I will post the best Music Monday post ever. Right now. On a Thursday. If this doesn't knock your socks off then I question your humanity. To add the proverbial frosting , I have created my own music video to this piece of ear candy, showing off both my new haircut (unstyled, but still) and my cute daughter pointing to body parts, playing the harmonica and generally being adorable. Too bad you can't hear the real audio from the video, but since I filmed it from my webcam you can't ask for much. But I digress.
Here it is. Music Monday on a Thursday. Guess the artist.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

EMHE update

By the way, my hair looks NOTHING like this picture.

Extreme Makeover Hair Edition

My hair reached my last nerve (which is located at my shoulder) and I had to cut it off again. Not so short as 'the crew cut of '03', but still short. I browsed the internet for about 5 minutes before heading down to our local Super Cuts. I found a picture of Katie Holmes and surrendered my quaff to the new hair school graduate. The problem I have is that whenever I chose a celebrity haircut to mimic I am always disappointed. I think I expect my face to morph into Katie's or Maggie's. But yesterday, just like every other time (I think my lifetime salon visit number is now up to 6) I am stuck with my same face and a Super Cut version of Katie Holmes' $200 bob.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Birth of Music Monday

To make my blog seem more official, and to motivate myself to write, but mostly to have an excuse to post this video, I am instituting Music Monday. Every Monday (or at least today) I will post something music related.
Some of my best friends had some family in town this week and shared this amazing video with us. Oh how would it be to be this good at something? And if you don't like the music, check out the fingernails, they are worth a gander.