Thursday, November 29, 2007

So much for the double poke!

Lily had her flu shot. Or shots. When one has the vaccine for the first time they need it twice, 6 weeks apart. As you may or may not know. I struggle with vaccines. One of my best friends here in HI is very vocally against them, and for good reason. She has compelling and scary arguments. In the end, I have decided for myself that vaccinating Lily is the responsible thing to do. It doesn't mean that I sleep any better the night before or stop praying over and over "PLLLEEEAASE make this do what this is meant to do and not what I know it could do". Also, it doesn't help that Lily now has: THE FLU. Poor baby. She has slept and been held all day. Throwing up, high fever. All the classics. Doctor saw her this afternoon and said if she doesn't start holding fluids down in the next four hours then into the ER we must go. Fortunately she has held down several tablespoons of juice with water since then. She won't drink much. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with the sickling. I think she is going to recover, but will I? Just kidding. But really, what is the point of poking your kid twice, risking all the risks and stressing about it when they end up sick anyway? Poop. I took a cute pic of her being sick but I will have to post it later. I can't find the camera hook up thingy.
Love to all of you and a special note to Claudia: Let it be known that you do NOT have ugly hair. You are one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. You rock, don't kid yourself.
Love, Meg
PS I must confess: being the only thing that makes your baby feel better sure does feel awesome. I am loving how cuddly she is. I just wish she didn't have to be sick to be so lovey!


Claudia said...

Hey there. Sorry your little one is sick...I didn't realize that the flu shot was on the list of shots babies need (or was that just a preventative thing?). Hope she gets better soon, but also stays cuddly. And thanks for the encouragement...I did finally get my hair cut. Nothing special, and definately not as cool as yours--just your regular, run-o-the-mill cuts. But at least I don't feel hideous anymore. Miss you!

Erin said...

Where's music Monday? This Thursday? I'm checking...