Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Here's a clue to my mystery music video artist: He has skied naked. He has had TB. He has animated historical figures to sing Weezer songs and he has been in bands with the following names: Johnny Befriends a Hobo, Worst Friend Ever, and well that is all I can think of but I think there are around a million. All with the same band members. Himself. And Johnny.


Claudia said...

Okay, in the back of my mind I was thinking it was Richard, but I was trying to connect the speaking voice with the singing voice, and I couldn't hear the connection. I guess I should always go with my instincts, right? Very cool! I guess he's walking in his big sisteer's footsteps!

Erin said...

How is it that Claudia always beats me to posting first? I thought I was obsessed with checking these things, but i guess she is worse...I'm pouting...I wanted to be first...:(

Erin said...

(In response to your response to "I Love Nickel Creek") I was hoping you would like "Toxic." To be honest, I was thinking of our Brittney tribute when I added it - and waiting, hoping you would respond becuase I guess in a way this was a Nickel Creek and Blithe tribute!