Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hawaiian Birthday

Mom, on my next birthday can we go to Hawaii again?

Uh, I don't think so. . .maybe.

Can we go to the pool and decorate that room [the party room] with Hawaiian decorations so it looks just like Hawaii and go swimming with my friends and eat cake?

Yes, we can definitely do that.

Thanks for the pics, mom. And thanks for the trip.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. Washington

Last week at preschool we talked about President's Day. We did a lot of fun things like coin rubbings, log cabin (pretzel) building, stories and more to learn about past and current presidents, honesty and how to be a good leader.
My personal favorite was how the George Washington wig turned out. I made all the kids say "I am George Washington and I cannot tell a lie" as they walked out to their parents. Lily doesn't love to wear her powdered wig but she did love the counting activity that we used to make it. The girls all looked so cute! (boys would have looked cute, too, but I only have girls in my class!)

Happy (late) President's Day everyone!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Table Top

We bought this cool tablecloth when we were in Bozeman. It is basically just a rectangle of vintage polyester with some sort of rubbery applique. I have no idea what the applique is made of. Some sort of fabric paint, perhaps? Any ideas?
the edges are unfinished and I love it. When I saw this very similar fabric at the DI I just couldn't resist trying one myself. I decided to go with heat transfer paper for the applique (even though, now I am pretty sure that is not what the original is) and printed off a design onto the paper. Then, I cut out the design and ironed on. Sounds easy, but if you try this home let me offer this advice:
1. choose and EASY design. Cutting each piece and then getting it back together can be. . .hard.
2. when it says to separate the layers before cutting and then to replace them, DO IT.
3. beware. this could become addicting.

I made this for a best friend. What do you think? I like how it turned out even if the transfer paper isn't exactly what I was going for. My tablecloth definately has a more rubbery-plastic feel that is thicker than the transfer. Enlighten me, please!

One More

I wore this sweater in 9th grade! Although it is still in really good shape, it isn't really my style right now. But, have you seen those cute sweater dresses every little girl was wearing this winter?

A few adjusted seams, some chopped and hemmed sleeves and here is Lily's Christmas dress. . .which she hated. . .because I made it and it is cute. We have different styles, she and I.
I bought her the cutest little tights to go with it. They were cream colored and had little hearts that were holes? Obviously I know nothing about knitting or I could use the terminology here. Anyway, I opened the size 2-4 tights on Christmas morn to go to my Grandma's house and when I unrolled them and they came down to the floor ON ME I knew we had a problem. Someone had packaged size 12 tights in the size 2/4. Blast. Well, she hates tights anyway. Would they be too juvenile on me?

Look how happy she is to be wearing this dress. . .

Friday, February 19, 2010

Before and After

I found these knit dresses at Old Navy for $1.50. I bought the biggest sizes they had. So here is my latest recycle:
I do feel a little sad that someone had to sew the dress that I cut up.

I used the tutorial on ruffles and stuff for her jersey skirt and then just added a little rose. I kept the pockets from the original dress as an added bonus (with no added work!)

By the way: would someone please explain to me in exhausting detail (and small words) how to make a link from my blog (in the text) to another. Thanks Alyssa!

My sister's old pants she probably never wore but threw in the DI box.

Wah-lah! A little gift for my cousin who was married in December.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Lily: Valentime's Day is about Jesus.

Me: Oh, okay, sure.

Lily: It is. Valentime's Day is about love and Jesus is love.

Me (humbled): You are right. You are absolutely right. Valentine's Day is about Jesus.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out of the Mouths

My most favorite stories about children are the funny things they say. Lily is hilarity in motion with all of her quote-ables. I always forget to write them down but thought I would take a minute to review some recent winners.

She loves to play pretend but within the last couple of weeks or so, the dialogue has taken a funny structure. Too many audiobooks at night perhaps? (Meg thought ponderously).

Lily: Don't take my kitty! Said Snow White smiling.
Meg: But I love kitties.
Lily: Cinderella said as she snatched the kittens away. No! Not my kittens! Said Snow White as she jumped onto the carriage with a groan.
Meg: (amid laughs) a groan?
Lily: What is a groan?

Please note, that we are not playing with dolls here. Lily is being Snow White, and I am Cinderella. The narrative extras crack me up! (Said Meg with a wink).

Kids are literal beings. Lily has said a few phrases recently that, in context, are not that funny. But, to an idiom-spouting adult, are hilarious.


Lily: Mom, you need to tell the preschool kids to suck it.
(I will let you guess at the true context here. . .)

Last week:

Lily: Mama, I stuck it to the man!
(magnets can be funny)

And some are funny for no reason other than they are uttered by a three-year-old.

Lily: I am exhausted!
Me:Do you want to lay down or have a quiet time?
Lily: Mama, what does 'exhausted' mean?
Me: It means you are really so, so tired.
Lily: I am certainly NOT exhausted!

Lily: Mama, I made a trombone and he is playing it. That is how he is creative.

The simple fact that she consistently says the word "usually" when she means "actually".

Lily: I have been thinking and thinking of a name for my unicorn all morning. Then, I realized, Cotton Candy is the best name!

And speaking of names. . .the most entertaining part of playing ponies, or discussing the new baby to come, is the issue of naming. Here are some of her best:

Twinkle Wishes
Star Heart Love Wing
Kitty-Paw Jewel
Sparkle Bubbles

and, of course, if the baby is a boy: Tyler. Go figure.