Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out of the Mouths

My most favorite stories about children are the funny things they say. Lily is hilarity in motion with all of her quote-ables. I always forget to write them down but thought I would take a minute to review some recent winners.

She loves to play pretend but within the last couple of weeks or so, the dialogue has taken a funny structure. Too many audiobooks at night perhaps? (Meg thought ponderously).

Lily: Don't take my kitty! Said Snow White smiling.
Meg: But I love kitties.
Lily: Cinderella said as she snatched the kittens away. No! Not my kittens! Said Snow White as she jumped onto the carriage with a groan.
Meg: (amid laughs) a groan?
Lily: What is a groan?

Please note, that we are not playing with dolls here. Lily is being Snow White, and I am Cinderella. The narrative extras crack me up! (Said Meg with a wink).

Kids are literal beings. Lily has said a few phrases recently that, in context, are not that funny. But, to an idiom-spouting adult, are hilarious.


Lily: Mom, you need to tell the preschool kids to suck it.
(I will let you guess at the true context here. . .)

Last week:

Lily: Mama, I stuck it to the man!
(magnets can be funny)

And some are funny for no reason other than they are uttered by a three-year-old.

Lily: I am exhausted!
Me:Do you want to lay down or have a quiet time?
Lily: Mama, what does 'exhausted' mean?
Me: It means you are really so, so tired.
Lily: I am certainly NOT exhausted!

Lily: Mama, I made a trombone and he is playing it. That is how he is creative.

The simple fact that she consistently says the word "usually" when she means "actually".

Lily: I have been thinking and thinking of a name for my unicorn all morning. Then, I realized, Cotton Candy is the best name!

And speaking of names. . .the most entertaining part of playing ponies, or discussing the new baby to come, is the issue of naming. Here are some of her best:

Twinkle Wishes
Star Heart Love Wing
Kitty-Paw Jewel
Sparkle Bubbles

and, of course, if the baby is a boy: Tyler. Go figure.


Emily said...

love it. lily is too cute!

Katherine said...

Oh wow, those names are really extra special.

Claudia said...

Ha! Those are my favorite kid stories, too. And the narration-speak...that is funny. You mean little kids actually do listen to audio books? Go figure...

Have you ever seen the show "Charlie and Lola" on Disney? She is reminding me of that with her "actually"s and "certainly"s.

And I pick "Star Heart Love Wing". Move over, Gwen Stefani. (maybe her kid picks her album names?)

Britny and Jeffers said...

tooo cute! Love it. We miss you guys lets please get together sooN!