Saturday, February 20, 2010

Table Top

We bought this cool tablecloth when we were in Bozeman. It is basically just a rectangle of vintage polyester with some sort of rubbery applique. I have no idea what the applique is made of. Some sort of fabric paint, perhaps? Any ideas?
the edges are unfinished and I love it. When I saw this very similar fabric at the DI I just couldn't resist trying one myself. I decided to go with heat transfer paper for the applique (even though, now I am pretty sure that is not what the original is) and printed off a design onto the paper. Then, I cut out the design and ironed on. Sounds easy, but if you try this home let me offer this advice:
1. choose and EASY design. Cutting each piece and then getting it back together can be. . .hard.
2. when it says to separate the layers before cutting and then to replace them, DO IT.
3. beware. this could become addicting.

I made this for a best friend. What do you think? I like how it turned out even if the transfer paper isn't exactly what I was going for. My tablecloth definately has a more rubbery-plastic feel that is thicker than the transfer. Enlighten me, please!


Claudia said...

Megarella--you are such a crafty craftsman! Er...woman. I am so impressed!