Saturday, February 20, 2010

One More

I wore this sweater in 9th grade! Although it is still in really good shape, it isn't really my style right now. But, have you seen those cute sweater dresses every little girl was wearing this winter?

A few adjusted seams, some chopped and hemmed sleeves and here is Lily's Christmas dress. . .which she hated. . .because I made it and it is cute. We have different styles, she and I.
I bought her the cutest little tights to go with it. They were cream colored and had little hearts that were holes? Obviously I know nothing about knitting or I could use the terminology here. Anyway, I opened the size 2-4 tights on Christmas morn to go to my Grandma's house and when I unrolled them and they came down to the floor ON ME I knew we had a problem. Someone had packaged size 12 tights in the size 2/4. Blast. Well, she hates tights anyway. Would they be too juvenile on me?

Look how happy she is to be wearing this dress. . .


Angi said...

pretty sure I remember that sweater.

Erin H. said...

Pretty sure I want to learn how to sew! I love you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!