Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. Washington

Last week at preschool we talked about President's Day. We did a lot of fun things like coin rubbings, log cabin (pretzel) building, stories and more to learn about past and current presidents, honesty and how to be a good leader.
My personal favorite was how the George Washington wig turned out. I made all the kids say "I am George Washington and I cannot tell a lie" as they walked out to their parents. Lily doesn't love to wear her powdered wig but she did love the counting activity that we used to make it. The girls all looked so cute! (boys would have looked cute, too, but I only have girls in my class!)

Happy (late) President's Day everyone!


Angi said...

I love the wig and with a counting activity to boot! (I've always wanted to say "to boot!") Possibly the best pre-school teacher of this or any other era. Maybe I'll move there and we'll do it together?

Claudia said...

Such a cute idea!! I would have paid to see/hear the girls all walk out with their "I cannot tell a lie" phrase.