Thursday, November 15, 2007

Music Monday Missed

Well, I told you to expect it. I missed, this, the only second chance to post a Music Monday. In my defense, I left the house at 5:00 in the morning, flew to Oahu, took a cab to my doctor's appointment, walked the five and a half miles back to the airport, flew (with bloody, blistered feet I might add) to Maui, got in the car, drove 2+ hours to Hana where I spent the last three days with Chris and his visiting family members. To make up for it (I love pretending more than 3 people read this and that they actually expect me, nay even look forward to, me posting things!) I will post the best Music Monday post ever. Right now. On a Thursday. If this doesn't knock your socks off then I question your humanity. To add the proverbial frosting , I have created my own music video to this piece of ear candy, showing off both my new haircut (unstyled, but still) and my cute daughter pointing to body parts, playing the harmonica and generally being adorable. Too bad you can't hear the real audio from the video, but since I filmed it from my webcam you can't ask for much. But I digress.
Here it is. Music Monday on a Thursday. Guess the artist.


Claudia said...

Okay...I have no idea who the artist is. But it must be said--you are so hot! I love the haircut, and your darling daughter is so freaking cute!! Miss you!! And you are welcome to come stay if you need your Pacific Northwest fix any time!

Erin said...

Love it...the hair, the baby, the song, the story.