Monday, November 19, 2007

Where did the week go?

I guess when I post a 'Monday' post on a Thursday it really does make the real Monday come around quick. Here it is again. Even in Utah, it is still Monday for two and half more hours. I love winter when the time difference is only 3 hours. For some reason, 4 just seems so much longer. I really had intended something special for this Monday but I am, literally, having technical difficulty. No matter. It will keep. For this week's post I will like to first reference Erin's awesome Nickel Creek post. Loved it. It cannot be topped. You know that person that always tops your story immediately after you tell it. If you have a hang nail, they have a shattered clavicle. If you win a free value meal, they tell you about the time they won a million dollars. Well, this is sort of like that. In reverse. I am going to post something in the same vain as Erin (Erin, is that the correct homonym of 'vain'?) only I am going to be understating. Erin's post is the topper. The topper that came first. I can do no better, but here it is.
I have liked Michelle Branch ever since I found her Spirit Room on the road on Center Street in Provo. I watched her win the grammy and her catchy 3 chord songs were some of the first I learned to play. I still love singing along to her tunes, enunciating the same way she does (play-ya, stay-ya, way-ya). I really really have been enjoying the Wreckers, her band with. . .what's-her'name-blondie-friend. The songs are so sing-along-able that you almost think you have heard them before. My friend turned me on to this great tribute to The Wreckers and a must-hear for any Nickel Creek lover. Here it is. . .Pickin' On The Wreckers.