Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thursday we tried to beat the heat in St. George. We went to a fun park that had fountains and buckets tipping and sprinklers etc. I think the adults had more fun than the two toddlers in tow. Lily gave a good showing and got pretty wet but the water was pretty cold. The boys (including Grandpa) all got soaked and we all had fun relaxing in the breeze on the grass.
Later we went to a street festival downtown. We ate dutch oven food (meh.) and walked around in the river/fountain thing they have downtown. That things is awesome. Who knew you that if you don't have a stream nearby, with enough tax dollars, you could build your own! It is actually perfect for little ones because it was so shallow.
At the street festival a little girl (probably 5 or 6) came up to me and asked if I would give her some money. She wanted to go on the big blow up slide.
"Go ask your mom" I said, chuckling.
"I did. She said no."
"Well, then, I guess I better not, if your mom said no."
"I am not going to tell her. Puh-lease! Please please please please. I really want to go on that slide!"
Although I admired her moxy I wasn't about to hand over five bucks to a whiny kid, let alone my own kid for a blow up slide. I started walking away and told her again to ask her mom. She followed me.
"Why? Why won't you give me money?"
""Cause you're not my kid! I don't even know you!"
"But I really want to go on that slide and so does my brother!"
I really want to have a dishwasher and maid and while we are dreaming, a pet pelican who delivers roses to my window every morning and dances the polka on command!
I avoided eye contact. I walked briskly. I tried to weave in and out of the crowd like a zebra trying to confuse a pouncing lion. How pathetic! A kindergartener in hot pursuit of a grown woman! I don't know if I was more afraid that she would follow me home continually begging for slide money until finally, after months and months I give in, because it is Christmas and I am not sure if she is my kid or not, or if she was going to knock me to the ground and leg wrestle me Honest Abe's bill.
I finally lost the pint-sized peddler and our group made our way back to Chris' parents' house. That evening Chris, myself, Garrett and Ruth went to Tuacan's 'Les Misarables' and Susie and Mark watched Lily and Addie. It was amazing. I still am singing the songs to myself. It was long, of course, and Ruth and I were nervous about our babies (both of us being first-time and somewhat neurotic mothers), but it was amazing. It has been a really long time since I have been to any play let alone a professional one. Our seats were so close we could practically pull off Val Jean's faux mustache, but we didn't need to, because it fell off on its own.
I actually teared up during the performance. I have never seen Les Mis, although I was familiar with most of the music. I really loved it. Thank you Mark and Susie!


Malia said...

The mainland has all sorts of fun looking things! Enjoy...aloha....

richnbritt said...

Meg sounds like so much fun. That cracks me up about the little girl wanting money from you. Surprising that she would come up to a stranger and ask for money and not leave you alone.

Beth said...

That is a great story. So funny. Glad you are having fun.

Claudia said...

Meg, no one tells a story as good as you. You have the funniest things happen to you! I always laugh out loud, and then Adam wants to know, so I read it to him, and then he's laughing too.

I got to see Le Mis when it came to the theater in Green Bay, and I, too, loved it, and I, too, cried. Although I couldn't actually touch Jean Valjean's beard. In fact, my friends and I were sitting in the very last row of the upper mezanine. We're talking the HIGHEST, last possible row in the entire theater. Talk about nosebleed! See his beard? I couldn't even tell you if he was WEARING a beard, we were so far away. There was no facial recognition of any of the characters for me. I wish I would've been a nerd and brought binoculars. Really.

Britny and Jeffers said...

That story about the little girl asking you for money is soooo funny!I can't believe there are kids that actuallyy do that!!! Well hopefully we will be seeing you soon!

Erin said...

I really want to go see that too - my friends had talked about going the first week - mostly for the purposes of cooler weather. Still not back yet from my trip, but I WILL go, alone or not. I love the story about the kid asking for money - I kept waiting for you to say you ran into her again, just so I could know what she would say next if she had the chance...