Monday, June 30, 2008

Go, Go, GO. . .

. . .that is what Chris' family likes to do! We did so many things in the short time that we were with them, it seemed to fly by! I don't know how Chris survived it with his back. Actually, I do. He took some leftover Vicodin I had from my surgery. He was such a good sport, and even participated in some Pickle Ball, which I guess has become quite popular in St. George.

We traveled to Zion Canyon and had a picnic by the river. Lily and Addi played in the FREEZING river water and although we did not have time for, and Chris was not up for, a hike, we loved sitting at the foot of that lovely canyon. That afternoon we went to a concert at the Zion World Flute Festival. This woman played 15 or so different kinds of flutes. Wood, clay, silver, combos, it was amazing. She was a little odd, but she really was so interesting. Her music was truly amazing. I found myself enjoying it much more than I anticipated.

The next morning we were off to the north for a family gathering on the Nilsson side in American Fork.
The drive went as well as could be expected for the first half. Jay was in the back seat by Lily and I and he slept the whole way. Chris was in the front passenger seat and he had to be reclined the whole time and Chris' father was driving. This means I entertained Lily the whole way, by myself. I was doing fine with the books, dolls, snacks, coloring, songs, fingerplays and puzzles I had brought. I kept telling myself that if I could just make it to Filmore (about halfway) then we would stop and when we got back in I would put a video on my computer and hope she falls asleep. When we got back in the car, I pulled out my MacBook and opened it up. To my horror, the battery was DEAD. Then, like a hurricane, it hit me. I had left the charger in St. George! Lily is crying. My car-mates are sleeping or driving or pretending to sleep. I am completely tapped out from the previous two straight hours of entertainment and I had mentally prepared myself for this to be my break. Now, with no hope of digital distraction and no hope of it for the rest of my travels (charger in ST. GEORGE!!!) I start to cry as well. I do not mean this metaphorically. I was actually crying. Lily and I were both crying. We were both crying over an Elmo video. If only I could have blamed it on Chris, then I could have focused my frustration and exhaustion on anger. But, no, it was my fault. It was all my fault, and we still had at least another hour and a half in the car.
I let myself break down for a good 2 minutes and then I rallied. By 'rallied' I mean I pulled out my make-up bag and let my 20 month old put any and all make-up I own on her face, my face, my hair, her car seat, and Jay's hair (he was still sleeping). I have no idea the actual cost of this endeavor as I still haven't replaced the cosmetics. I can say, will all honesty that I would do it again. Even the part where she dumped a quarter cup of glitter into her lap and then threw it in my eyes. I knew I hung onto that glitter for a reason!
Four and a half hours after our departure from St. George we rolled into American Fork. Lily did not sleep one minute of the entire way and was covered in cream, eye liner, glitter and eye shadow but she wasn't crying, and by that time, neither was I.

We had a great time with the Nilssons and we were sad to say goodbye, but we had more people to see and places to go, go, go.


Erin said...

One day during my second year of teaching, I was having a particularly hard time trying to figure out what to do with my sophomore class. "Particularly hard" as in this I really have NO idea of what to do with them and class starts after lunch and there are only 15 minutes left of that and this is one of those days where they will know I just wasn't prepared. So I found a reading comprehension practice (it was getting close to those delightful darlings called "end of level tesing") and sent it off to get copied. I sigh with relief that at least they will be doing something and I can probably stretch this out and I wipe the sweat off my face. The copies come back. I go to pass them out. The copy girl has skiped the middle page. The middle page has the part they have to read to answer the questions. I promply start sobbing as my students sit there shocked and speechless. Becuase of a botched copy job. They really couldn't have cared less if they got to sit in class for a half hour not doing anything, so they were delighted! And now I am just embarassed.

richnbritt said...

Meg thta sounds like so much fun. It is amazing what you will do when you are ready to cry...or after you have cried. What a fun memory you will have, hope you got pictures and if so hope to see them.

Randall said...

I'm sure you were not feeling up to it at that moment but I would pay to see any pictures.

P.S. 4 hours with a wide-awake toddler and no technology!!! you should win an award.

P.P.S. It's me Angi I'm just on Randall's e-mail

Claudia said...

Meg, please tell me you have a picture of Lily!!! Sorry for the troubles...but you are so resourceful, that obviously you pulled it off. Man, I hope I am as quick as you are in a child-rearing crisis!

Brianne said...

Honestly, I was trying to think of a time where I have seen you cry... I can't think of one! Lived with you for 2 years and no memories of you crying, that's crazy!