Friday, June 6, 2008

Heading East to the West

Monday night we leave for Utah! I am excited but not ready. I have so much to do! I had plans to sew gifts for all the new babies and small cousins and some friends but with my machine in the shop (boo!) all week that was put on hold. We have grad parties to attend, missionaries to feed, laundry to do etc. but we are getting ready for the trip back home.

I can't wait to see all of my Utah friends. I would LOVE to see all of you. I will be in Utah until July 8 (whoa) but don't let that give you reason to procrastinate. Please call me and lets get together. Email me if you want my cell or my parent's number.

On an unrelated note: my address (physical address, that is) has changed. No, we didn't move, our landlord was tired of getting crap from our mailman so he made us a separate residence. Just add an "A" after our house number and you will be updated. If you want our full address you can email me. I am not posting it here on the open blog.

See you soon!


Steffy said...

Yeah! Are you guys staying with you parents? I love your family so so much!

Meg said...

Yes! Staying with my homies! Come visit. My family loves YOU so they would all love to see you. By the way, did you hear about the Richard/Carly debacle? HILARIOUS!

Brooke said...

Hey Meg,
I still have your parents number, I may give you a call if your not too busy :) It would be fun to see you.

Claudia said...

Megarella, I so wish that Adam and I were going to Utah sooner...we won't be out there until late August. (cue sad violin music and tears)