Saturday, February 16, 2008

Man Songs

Yes it has been awhile. I am sorry. I must admit I have been hesitant to post anything above the pretty pretty pictures that Mindy did. There really is something to be said about digital retouching. She really is an artist. I mean, sure I think my kid is cute, but come on! Those pictures make her skin glow. These next ones do not. They showcase the rashy non-glow that is her actual self. Poor kid has sensitive skin bless her! Here she is in all her rashy goodness.

The other day I had the privilege to babysit the resident ward 'heathen' for the day. This kid has a reputation for bullying, yelling and various other mischief including threatening to shoot the other members of the nursery. Of course he comes from one of the best families in the ward. At my house he was pretty much a perfect angel but he did say some classic lines.
When he first came in, Lily was playing with her doll house. Kaia came and sat next to her and I said:
"Kaia, would you like to play with the dolls?"

Kaia picked up two of them and said:

"Yes. This guy punches this guy so then this guy hits him back and then the guy falls down because he has a bloody nose."

Me: "Oh, we don't play like that at my house. They mostly just kiss each other or play ring-around-the-rosie. That is what Lily likes to make them do."

Kaia (obviously disappointed) "Oh."

At one point I asked if they would like to listen to some music. Kaia said that he would so I asked if he wanted soft songs or silly songs. He said he would like "Man songs." This got me thinking. What are Man Songs? I mean there are the obvious: The Piano Man, Nowhere Man, and Rocket Man and the score of Music Man. Then there is the Spiderman Theme song and dunnadunnadunnadunna BAT MAN. . .the Batman song. But what makes a true man song? I would guess that it either by lyric or riff has to exemplify true masculinity. I have to tell you, I am still stumped. The first hit upon googling 'Man Song' didn't help either. Funny Youtube stuff (esp. the Harry Potter one. . .which I will not post here but it is easy to find) but nothing that really defines it. So, I am opening it up for discussion. What makes a 'Man Song' and more importantly, what songs fall into that category. Better yet, what is the most manly of songs? I need help so that next time I don't have to play "Mind your Manners and You'll Be Fine" which, while teaching valuable social norms, does not, even by my feminist views fall under 'manly'.

Let me know (both of you who check this regularly) and maybe I will bring back Music Monday in masculinity. Grrr.


Claudia said...

Heh, heh, heh. I asked Adam what a good man song is...after thinking for a moment, he started singing "Paradise City" by Guns-n-Roses.("Take me down to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty"...ring any bells?) I guess any song by a band who has "gun" in their name and a lead singer named "Axel" would be pretty manly. But then Adam pointed out that he had a hard time thinking of man songs, but that there are a lot of women songs out there. But I guess most guy bands, be it punk, rock, metal, rap, or what have you, sing about women--loving women, hating women, lusting after women. So really, any music sung by a dude should do.

Claudia said...

Oh yeah, and bring back Music Monday. Or Thursday. Or whatever day of the week you want it to be on. Just bring it back.

Erin said...

What about Iron Man? All I know is the catchy first line and they lyrics, "I am Iron Man" do do do do do do doo do doo do. That's hardcore right there!

Erin said...

Um, don't feel bad about hesitating with a new post because you didn't want to hide the cute picutres...that's how I felt about my Nickel Creek videos. Not even close, I know, but still...