Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mini dreams

I have been babysitting, driving carpools, and being (their words not mine) a nanny A LOT lately. A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot. I actually have not had a day with just Lily and myself (besides Saturday/Sunday) in over two weeks. I love kids and I love having friends for Lily but it has been a little too much lately. I think it really became clear to me today when I pulled up to my friend's house today (with extra kid in tow) and saw her minivan for sale in her driveway. For about ten seconds I really wanted to buy it.


mindy said...

...said in my best authoritative voice,

"step away from the mini-van"

Ali Howell said...

I love it!! Jared and i had that one moment last year while i was pregnant with number three...(which i was quite sure was numbers 3 & 4) I went as far as driving one...but can i say, whew...i didn't buy sanity returned shortly after i learned i was only having one baby! when ever i think a mini van sounds good i remember sitting at the beach in florida in a rental mini van with jared and our two kids and watching a couple about our age driving "daddy's" bmw...they were tan, sculpted beach go-ers, and we instantly realized..'we are no longer cool." after that...i just don't think i can do a mini van! Cheers to 7 seater SUV's!!!