Monday, February 25, 2008

Sugar and Spice

That is what this little girl is. The new, nicer Spice Girl. This is my BFF's daughter, Addi and I know, Angi that I am totally stealing this from your blog but I have not stopped smiling since I read it and just thought it would be a beautiful Monday post.

I guess Addi always sings to herself (sometimes in the vain of "Miracle Idol") but the other day she actually came up with a real song and here it is: Sing it to the tune of your own feminist heart.

I am crazy because I'm a lady
I am a girl, I 'epresent the ladies
and I have a tea set
I am a girl and a lady
I'm a girl who's got a brain.

When they make the TV drama/comedy based on my life, besides having Kristen Bell play my character, I hope they use this song as the theme. I can only hope to be able to live up to Addie's creed. This week I am going to start by working the tea set. And using my brain.

Sugar and Spice (aka Addie Wood)


Angi said...

I am a proud mama that my little girl made it into the prestigous(sp?)music monday. You are so complimentary! You're so sweet.