Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Mindy Pix

MINDY: I love my pictures so much! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Erin said...

Mindy IS good (I am saying this with surprise though I am not surprised) and she captured Lily perfectly. I am glad you had a fun trip and that you made it back safely. Luv ya!

Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

The pictures turned out so cute, I love all of them. It makes me sad that I didn't do any cool pictures like that when Houston was little. I saw your blog on your facebook, so I hope you don't mind the blog stalking! I am new at the whole blog thing but our site is
Keep in touch!!

Ali Howell said...

I love these pictures! Mindy is amazing. I look at her blog in awe. I wish i could do 1/2 of what she can! I saw some of these pictures on her blog but i didn't know they were of your daughter! They are so cute! Lily is just darling!