Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures of Utah

Lily and my cousin, Anna at the Discovery Gateway children's museum.

Bundled up!

Lily as a cheerleader at the Lone Peak vs. American Fork HS BB game (AF is big rival to LP). Tori had a great time showing off the cheer baby. She did a great job tumbling too. Lone Peak killed AF!!!


mindy said...

Megan.. I had so much fun visiting with you! I posted some of the pictures I took of Lily on my blog.

I didn't get them all edited in time, so I'll mail you the CD. When you get some time would you mind emailing me your address in Hawaii!

Hope you travel home safe. Thanks again for making time to see us, I'm already looking forward to June:)

Nicole said...

Megan, you and your baby are adorable! I'm sure Hawaii is a ton warmer than Kansas...Nicole