Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The More the Merrier

The last couple of days I have been helping a new girl (she is my same age so I refuse to call her a 'lady' that just sounds old) in our ward with her kids during the holidays (schools are closed but they still gotta work!). Breanna is six and TJ is 3. It was pretty fun having more kids and having kids that were old enough to do some fun projects with. Lily loved having the big kids to play with.
My favorite thing that TJ said was "I am half Japanese, that is howcome I can speak Spanish." My least favorite thing he said was the "F" word.
THe other picture is Lily in one of the food storage baskets. The kid LOVES to get into boxes, baskets and small containers. Surely her delay in exiting the womb was an early example of this.