Friday, October 31, 2008

A more positive book review

The terrible twos are upon us and although I swore she would potty train early, Lily is refusing to use the toilet this week. We have, however, found a meeting of the minds with this outstanding book about potties. There are a lot of potty training books. Most I have read are decent but not for the everyday read. This one, however, is my favorite and I recommend it to all whether you have kids or not.
My favorite part are the tricks that played by and to the potty.

I will post more personal pictures (and posts) soon. My computer is completely full and my external hard drive I use to transfer downloads, tv shows, pictures (space suckers in general) is on the slow boat with the rest of our earthly possessions. We were told that one of our cars has arrived. I took that as bad news as I thought all of our stuff was shipped together.


Rich, Britt, and Nate said...

Oh Meg good luck, with the potty trainging and with the shipment of your items. Not to dicourage you but we had tons on this broken. GOOD LUCK.

Brooke said...

I hope the potty training goes bettr soon. That book looks great!
Our car came just a few weeks before our stuff. Our computer and everything else was just fine, except when we opened everything, about three Maui centipedes had climbed in!!!! Beware!!!

diana said...

The only thing that worked for Maya was a potty chart. We put up a star and did the peepee dance and make a big deal about it every time we went. EVERYONE had to do it and made sure Maya heard the celebration. We had one at my mom's and one at home. She was just too competitive to not see stars next to her name.