Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lily's Hawaiian Party

Lily had a great birthday party/We Will Miss Our Friends in Hawaii party. Before I had kids I was convinced that my kids would not wear clothes with characters (everybody says that, I think) and Chris actually said "There will be no Elmo in our house". I don't really know how it happened, but Lily loves it all. First Elmo and Hello Kitty and more recently Cinderella and her other princess pals. This party was all Elmo and she loved it. Thanks to all of our awesome friends that we love so much and miss for bringing yummy food!

I can't upload any more pictures right now, but I will try tomorrow.


Beth said...

So I had the same ideals for my kids and no character clothes. Then Mikey discovered Mickey. How could I say no.

Malia said...

That was bitter sweet. I was just at Keokea park yesterday, thinking of that sweet day and the yummy food!