Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lily has been playing in this box for the last week or so. She loves to put her lamby and blanket inside and snuggle up. She sometimes wants a blanket on the outside, too. Unfortunately, she confused the box with the potty the other day while her diaper was off. The box had to go. We were lucky that there was nothing else in the box at the time!

Finger painting

I walked in her room the other day and she had these shorts on her head. She walked around like that for awhile. She has been really into dressing up lately. This mostly entails putting stuff on her head.


Kate said...

all these pics are so cute of lily. and my kids love seeing them too. That is some true finger painting THey love the naked ones, because whenever they are naked they say "naky bumb" so they kept saying that when they saw lily and they thought it was so silly.