Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Easter

Better late than never. I am still trying to figure out my new iMovie stuff. I hope this works. This clip is mostly for the grandparents (meaning it isn't that exciting and has waaaaaay too much footage of Lily playing with a toothbrush). I hope there will be more videos to come (and maybe we can move on to hair brushes!).


Steffy said...

She is so so so cute! Next time you come to Utah tell me so I can drop by and meet her in person!

Angi said...

You are so cool with your imovie stuff. Addi has the same toothbrush she also has an unaccountable love for Hello Kitty.

Claudia said...

A couple things came to mind as I was watching this (adorable!) video:
1. Remember "Shut up, I'm STARVING"? As she was playing with the toothbrush and Chris was trying to get her to do things, when she looked up, I could just picture her thinking to herself, "Shut up, I'm BRUSHING MY TEETH!"
2. The toothbrush was a nice touch. It's like those people who give out apples and other fruit on Halloween. Gotta fight those cavities early!
3. Lily is so cute. What other stuff does she say?
4. I like your pillows.