Monday, April 14, 2008

Believe . . .

. . .and music Monday will return.

I am a poser fan of American Idol. I want to watch the show. I do. I want to like it. I want to jump in on the conversation between the two clerks at the fabric store debating who was going to be in the top two. I want to remember what night(s) and time(s) the show comes on so I can achieve these dreams, but I can't. I am sad to admit that Chris is by far a bigger fan than I. I think this is mostly due to his coworkers. You can only shop talk paint for so long!
That said, I did catch Mr. Seacrest announcing a songwriting contest in junction with this year's competition. I guess that have done this in the past? Maybe? Anyway, you can go online and vote for original songs submitted for the winning Idol to sing on the last episode. If Erin is feeling guilty for voting for some of the contestants, how should I feel about listening to all 20 songs and rating each one? Turns out I feel just fine about it. It is fun, and you don't have to listen to the whole song to rate it and move on.
If you wanted to enter a song this year with hopes of it being chosen as one of the top 20, then "Believe" clearly should be in your title. No less that four songs had some form of 'believe' in the title. I also am pretty sure that one of the songs came straight of an EFY CD.
There are (in my humble opinion) a few good songs on there. Now, granted, we are talking American Idol, here, not a contest for the next Arcade Fire single. Keeping that in mind, I gave out a few 9's. I also gave a few 2's. I mean really. "I saw it over the rainbow?" Should that lyric ever be in a song? Sung by a man? Not in a drag version of The Wizard of Oz?
So if you are bored and want to hear some American Idol inspired music, go on and vote, and let me know your fav's.

Happy Monday.

Oh, I want to leave with a quote. My friend Amy said this to me the other day and it changed my life. Really.

"Your [trial] doesn't define you. You are still you."


Erin said...

"I saw it over the rainbow"? That made me think of a conversation I had the other day in my class. We are working on a poetry writing unit. Without fail I get poems that students have found online that they turn in as their own. No matter how many conversations we have about plagiarism, they either don't get it or don't care. I also have MANY who think that they can change a few words and it is now their own. So as I announced to the one class (which also happens to be the worst class that I have ever had and if I were to start drinking alcohol, they would be the ones who would drive me to do it) that copying poems from the internet is cheating and they will score a zero on it (because the girl in the front row two days before was so excited to show me the "really good" poem she wrote but the writing made me suspicious so I googled it and, sure enough, copied from a website dedicated to pick-up lines), one young man raised his hand and asked if it was OK if he used poems from online. I said no. "Can we use them as ideas?" I said no (because I knew where this was going). He said, even if we change the word? NO! The point to all of this...doesn't "I saw it over the rainbow" sound suspiciously close to another song you've heard before? "But I, duh, changed duh words, so is that wrong?"