Monday, April 22, 2013

For Erin

I got a text from a dear friend this weekend that said "you haven't blogged for over a year, you know".  I do know.  I just am busy.  And sort of boring.  It is hard to know what to write when you are busy, boring and not certain anyone cares about your blog.

But Erin does care.

So this is for Erin.

I have some very talented cousins who keep amazingly interesting and well-written blogs who have been doing a 30 day writing challenge.  Because of my aforementioned plights of being both boring and busy I have neither the time nor talent to come up with anything original to write.  At least my answers will be different (until I get really lazy and start copy and pasting their New Yorker worthy answers into my own blog. . .).

Day 1 (we will see how long this lasts. . .)

Ten Random Facts About Yourself

1.  I hate chicken pot pie.  It is really the only food I hate.  I actually really love food.  Good food.  I really hate chicken pot pie.

2.  I love to try new things.  Anything new.  I rarely stick with anything long-term but I am always up for a new experience.

3.  I love being outside.  Doing anything.

4.  I am not good at keeping my house tidy.  I wish I were.  I think this is tied heavily to #3.

5.  I get mean when I am hungry.  Someone once described the emotion as Hangry.  I loved that.

6.  I love having kids over.  All kids.  Almost any kids.  I love to teach, play, get messy and snuggle them.  Bring your kids over. . .my house will not be clean but I will have snacks.

7.  I do not like movies.  There are very few movies that I think were worth watching (for me).  I have some favorite TV shows that I will watch over and over but compared to most people, I don't like very many movies.  In the past 4 years I have been to the theater 5 times (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Harry Potter 7 part 1, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock 2, Hunger Games).  I do love plays and have seen almost all of the local high school productions (and some professional)  since I have been in Utah.
Incidentally, my least favorite movies are super-hero or comic book adaptations and war movies.  Imagine my reaction when my husband put on Captain America one night promising me that 'you will really like this one. . .'  Hmmm. . .can't we just watch Scrubs again?

8.  I love words.  I love books with beautifully written sentences and new words.  I like knowing where words come from.  I love playing scrabble (even though I am not good.  At all.) and I love teaching my kids new words.  There is power in an expertly turned sentence.

9.  I often come upon jobs or opportunities by accident.  For instance:
9a.  I was recruited to the University pole vaulting team when the captain saw me diving at the pool.  I was very enthusiastic and couldn't wait to try.  It turns out I couldn't run fast enough to generate the speed needed to vault me over. . .anything.  
9b.  While searching for jobs for my siblings online one day (because I am nosey like that) I came across an ad that read something like "Need writer for my art book.  Not interested in your past publications or resume.  I will send you art.  You write snarky, Far Side-like caption.  I will pick the best one for job.  Cat lover a plus."   Seriously.  I submitted my entry along with 20-30 others and was hired to caption 85 paintings for a Japanese artist.  I am now working on book 3 for him.
9c.  I started exercising with a woman.  She signed up to run a marathon.  "I will just run with you until you start going over 8 miles" I said.  Then one day I ran 10 with her.  "I will just run with you until I don't want to and will walk and you can leave  me."  I never walked.  We just kept on running.  Then, one day she was joking with some people that I was training for an imaginary marathon.  One of the ladies said she had entered the Ogden race but didn't train over the winter.  I bought her entry for a fraction of the price (those things are PRICEY!  Who knew??? ) and now find myself running an accidental marathon in 3 weeks.  I figure with my health I may never be at this level of fitness again and I most certainly will never be able to run a race this cheap again.

10.  I can whistle on a straw louder than anyone I have ever met.  Drinking straw.  Ear-splitting.  I will show you sometime.


Julia said...

This is hilarious because I have thought (more than once) "I wish Megan would be my best friend. Megan is so awesome". But I see now we could never be best friends.
I'm sorry.
You're too awesome and athletic and everything I wish I was but never will be. But that's okay. I'll still admire you from afar, as is my way.
Also, I am sad you will not like my book. Because it's about super heroes. Wah wahhhh.
And YAYYYY for Erin making you blog again!

Meg said...

Oh Julia, what you don't know is that I secretly pretend that we ARE best friends. Also, I like books about super heros. I really do. I just don't like the movies. I don't know why. They just seem so dark and scary in the movies and are never at all what I imagine them to be like.

Meg said...

Also to Julia: I have also found that with girlfriends especially, it seems to work better when we are less alike in interests. There is less competition and more inspiration all the way around.

Claudia said...

For the record, Claudia cares too.

I did a double-take when I looked at my blog feed. I wondered if it was a mistake or joke. And then I was happy to see you had posted something. I, too, think that I am not cool enough to be your friend. But at least at one point, we were. Sure, it was during the pole-vaulting era, but at least it was. I miss you.

And you're helping a Japanese artist write books???? I gotta hear more about this. So that's the assignment for your next post. Or not. Just write more because you are super funny. I miss you. I said that already, but it's worth repeating.

Erin said...

Best. Friend. EVER. No inner workings to write about? FALSE. 6 years ago we saw Juno together at the movie theater. Still one of my favorites. Still think of you when I see it. I hope that doesn't make your list of cinematic regrets. And my favorite thing about you is that you are so much different than me in so many interesting ways. I have always wanted to be you. In the last week, I've showed people pictures of your house (to talk about how I wanted it for my own), talked about your curly/not curly/re-curly hair stages, how you have chickens and re-purpose, and are basically nothing like me. THAT is why I want to know what you do. You are not boring. I'll give you busy, but you are nothing close to boring.

momwouldgo said...

Thank you Erin. I could not have said it better. Meg, more please!

Love you!

Angi said...

I tried to watch Capitan America twice, I fell asleep both times. Give me a BBC mini-series any day!