Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Truths that do NOT hold up during pregnancy:

Lemons should not be peeled and eaten like oranges.
Pop tarts are disgusting.
Chicken is a food.
6 cucumbers should be enough for one person in one week.
Also, 3 lbs of celery should be enough for one person in one week.
Walking through Costco is not a work-out.
My husband's 36" boardshorts are HUGE.
10:00 am is too early for lunch.
I currently do not have 7 loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded.
Sitting down doesn't hurt.
Standing doesn't hurt.
Sleeping doesn't hurt.
Waking up to pee 7 times in a night is excessive.
Brushing my teeth 17 times in a day because I want to eat my toothpaste is a bit concerning.
Changing bra sizes every other month is not normal.
I have thin hair.
I can remember important things like appointment times, days of the week, and names of family members.

Things I have discovered this pregnancy:

If you crave toothpaste and so you brush your teeth 17 times a day, you still crave toothpaste.  And you worry about your enamel (don't even get me started on the lemons!)

Costco sells a hand dipped ice-cream bar for $1.50!  How did I not EVER notice these before?  They are amazing.

It is kind of funny the first time your mail lady asks if the baby is due yet.  Every day after that for 2 months, it gets a little annoying.

No matter how uncomfortable, big, sick, tired or annoyed you get,  no matter how many times in a week you have to go to the store to buy more celery, no matter how many times the mail lady says you surely must be carrying twins and no matter how many times you have to go to the bathroom in a day, you are still grateful to have a healthy baby growing inside you.   What a blessing it is to live in this time of modern convenience and medical technology.   What a blessing it is to be a mother.

And, what a blessing it is to have a week left to prepare.
One week and counting.
Any advice for the second time around?


Erin said...

I am far from qualified to give any sort of advice. But I adore you even more your second pregnancy. You are amazing.

I thought I could never love anyone as much as my first nephew. I now know that's not true. I love my nieces just as much. Just differently. I may not have as many pictures or spend as much money on the subsequent ones, but there never seems to be a shortage of love. I can't wait to see how much you love this second one.

Beth said...

It will seem easier since you are not as clueless because you have done it before but that doesn't mean that it will be easy. You just make it work because that is what you do when you are a mom.
I can't wait for you guys and I wish you luck. I can't wait to see pictures....and you sure have weird cravings. I think the toothpaste one really is crazy. At least your teeth are really clean....right?

DangAndBlast! said...

Ok, the toothpaste thing is hilarious!

Sounds healthier than a girl whose boyfriend I know ... he found her in the kitchen in the middle of the night eating hot dogs dipped in chocolate cake frosting....

Britny and Jeffers said...

I can't wait for the baby to be here!!!!!!! I can't believe your only a week away!!! If you need ANYTHING let me know!

Angi said...

can't wait for the big day...or night as the case may be.

I'm dying of curiosity about the toothpaste. Is it a certain brand/flavor, paste or gel? or will any goo do.

The Fenns said...

You are too funny. It's true, pregnancy makes us think and do strang things. HANG IN THERE! We're so excited for you guys. Thanks for letting us chill with you this morning. Logan loves Lily. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. :)

Diane J. said...

Okay, this is sad to admit, but I've had an affinity for lemons since I was a little girl. I would suck out the juick, eat the pulp and the rind.

As a teen, I discovered that if I brushed my teeth right after eating a lemon they sparkled.

In my early twenties, when I would go to the dentist (and from that age on) I would and still do get asked if I was ever bulimic. Ate the enamel off my poor teeth. To go back in time and kick myself (sigh).

Advice for the second time around? Coffee, if someone says they'll help - take the offer, and remember the ride won't last - so pull over often and enjoy the road you're on before each turn.

Brooke said...

I love it! Oh the lemons... I ate those like oranges too. Have you ever mixed salt AND sugar and dipped a freshly peeled lemon??? You HAVE to try that.
I am so excited to see you guys tomorrow. Good luck these next few days.
That baby is so lucky to be welcomed into your family. :)

Ashley said...

Ha ha what a funny post and especially after our conversation yesterday about the censor coming off about weird comments during pregnancy. Good luck next week! Can't wait to hear if its a boy or a girl. My advice to you seeing as I've had my second for a whole whoppping 2 months and I'm an expert... not!


momwouldgo said...

You are a pro. Just get all the help you can. And then ask for more. Chocolate is also helpful. Love you!

Paul and Becky said...

Haha, super funny about the toothpaste. Funny, because it totally makes me cack when I'm pregnant. Celery, too.

Yay for baby #2! Can't wait to meet him/her! And yes to the above advice of getting as much help as you can! We're just a mile or two away, don't hesitate to call.