Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are a few answers to some burning (ha ha) questions from the comments of the previous post:

How has Lily adjusted to a sibling?

She is doing really well.  She is obsessed with the umbillical cord.  It ranges from disgust to total fascination.  She loves to kiss Noli's head and stroke her hair.
I really think that week 3 will be the test.  The novelty will have worn off, the attention will still be mostly shifted toward Noli, Chris will have been back to work and Lily will, I expect, start to feel the real brunt of the change.  As for now she has been showered with attention from Grandma, friends, relatives, etc.  so it probably doesn't seem to bad for her. . .yet.  She was a little disappointed when she came home from her BFF's house today to find that I had not cleaned her play room.  What?!  Hmmm, little miss needs a lesson in responsibility I think. 

What was in the gift basket?

Soaps, lotions, scrubbers, luffahs, bath things.  All in a horrible, super-strong cherry scent.  Who wants some?

For Claudia:

Yes, that is exactly why Claire's doll got that name.  I think I spelled the doll's name "Nolie" if I remember right.  Chris REALLY wanted it to be Noli (no e) and as a nod to my bestie Angi and her daughter Addi, I thought it was a great idea.  I hope Claire doesn't mind sharing the name.  I hope Angi doesn't mind that we blatantly stole her spelling ideas.

Who does Noli look like?

She looks like me.  She actually looks a lot like my sister, Tori, when Tori was a baby.  When Noli was very first born and was all puffy, she looked like a toad.  Really.  I was worried.   Incidentally, Tori's nickname growing up, was Toad.
Lily looked exactly like Chris when she was born.


Erin said...

Thanks! I can rest in peace now. There is no doubt Lily looks like her father and always has. I can't recall ever seeing a baby picture of you, or Tori for that matter. I always wondered where Tori got the nickname, though neither she nor Noli look like one at this point in time. Luv yer guts!

Beth said...

That is funny about Lily wanting her toy room cleaned. Good so far that Lily likes the baby. My kids were the same way when Sarah came home and still are kissing and loving on her 8 weeks later. Yikes! 8 weeks. Hopefully it continues for you.