Sunday, May 24, 2009

Water = Happy. Welcome Summer!

We have been having fun exploring our local hikes and waterways. Lily and her cute cousins could not resist jumping in this pond we came across on our walk last Sunday. It was all I could do to keep Lily un-naked. To Lily, a large body of water is eqauted with nudity. I think she gets it from her uncle, Richard.

I only have one question: If your kid falls asleep in the car after playing in a pond and covered in Doritto dust after eating only chips in the car for dinner, do you wake her up to bathe her? My answer, and I stand by this, is NO, no you do not. You do sponge bathe her with wet wipes, but under no circumstance do you wake her.


Angi said...


momwouldgo said...

I didn't get to that point until my forth...congratulations on hitting the grubbie tolerance on #1, you are miles ahead!

Malia said...

I have to agree with Amy on that one. I am not always there even still! Good job, let it go :) So nice you are able to get together with cousins. And that hat pictures of Lily are sooooo cute. Who took them??