Sunday, May 24, 2009

High School

I can't believe that I have been out of high school for ten years. That just sounds old, and it doesn't feel like it has been an entire decade. Well, maybe it has. Truthfully, if I look back, I don't remember that much about high school. I think I was a little late in finding my "true identity" and that college may have had a greater effect on me than high school. Still, I think we all think about our lives in terms of what we have done since high school and what we have become since leaving public school.
Chris had his 15 year reunion this weekend. After finding out that most of his close friends would be in town we decided to make a weekend of it. Scandinavian Days, the local festival in Ephraim, was the same weekend and I was happy to make the trip just for that. They have story-telling, Scandinavian food, a parade, a 5k, craft booths and of course, large inflated things to jump in.

Lily loved the parade and was not a bit shy about going after the candy.

We stayed at one of Chris' buddy's parent's house (parents are in China) and had a great time. John and Jane are truly some of the nicest and fun people I have ever met. It is great to marry into great friends. Jane is simply adorable and we have a lot in common, so it was so fun to spend time with her and her two cute girls.

In the parade was the car Chris drove to high school! We found the car on our way to the festivities and Chris had to have a pic with the pink cruiser. Lily gained a whole new respect for her father upon learning he drove a pink car. Chris was just happy to see his old ride still cruising the streets of Ephraim, and in a parade, no less.

The highlight for the girls was the turtle that someone had just brought to show off. They had built a little handlebar harness system so smaller kids to ride it! It was hilarious!


Claudia said...

I want to know about the Scandinavian food! Chris--sweet ride!

Angi said...

I wonder if they have a turtle saddle big enough for's hoping!

john and jane said...

Love the pictures, and your the awesome one! Hope you don't mind I read your blog now and John reads it too.

Malia said...

That looks like so much fun. Did Chris really drive that car back in high school? Glad you had a great time.