Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Bend in the Road

Although I loved Portland there was one, serious, downfall. I had the worst headache in my life. I have only had one other headache of this proportion and it lasted one day. This one started two days before we left and the stabbing pains and debilitating nausea lasted eight full days. Ironically, or maybe not, the only time I wasn't clutching my head in agony was during a dinner with my dear BFF, Claudia and her hubby, Adam. They were so sweet and treated us to an amazing German meal in a darling neighborhood of craftsman houses that would make you drool even if the spatzel didn't get you. I really think her friendship cured me. After that dinner my head slowly improved each day. Later that night, at about 11:30 pm, Chris and I were lying in bed with Lily between us (that is squishy in a queen, let me tell you) and I realized something. It was our anniversary! Although the overall purpose of the trip was to celebrate our 6th anniversary (and the super cheap tickets Chris found) we had both forgotten about it that day. During the course of our busy day (and my headache turning me into super evil Meg) we had both forgotten that this was the actual day. So I turned to Chris, thirty minutes before our special day was over and I said "Happy Anniversary". It really had been a great day. Thank you, Claudia, for helping us celebrate. I really love Claudia so much.
I was sad to leave Portland, especially because another BFF, Beverly, was on vacation and didn't get back until we were 300 miles away. Dang you, fate.
We did have to leave the City of Roses and although my headache was starting to fade, we had another hurdle before our trip was over. We booked a night on the coast before heading to our second leg of our vacation. Unfortunately, we booked through and they, despite taking our money, neglected to book us a room. On Labor Day weekend. In a small town. With a toddler. Remember the headache? It came back.
No one at would help us. In fact, they hung up on us twice. We were stuck in the lobby of a hotel that does not have our reservation and has no rooms. On top of it, the room that we were supposed to have, didn't actually exist (two beds, ocean view, breakfast. . .this hotel only has one bed, no view, no breakfast). The manager of the fake hotel was so nice and even yelled at a person (poor guy, I think he was in India and no clue what was going on) for us. She let us hang out, use the internet, use the 'potty' and she even found us a room. She had a friend who is starting a B&B out of her home. I guess she hasn't really started it yet, or something but she had a room open. I was really not excited since she said it was in a house with a SHARED bathroom. I was thinking it was going to be disaster. I pictured some hick with an extra room trying to earn a little money for her fake flower arrangements and yarn for the sweaters she knits for her 87 cats. I pictured sharing a bathroom with a greasy vagrant just strolled in from town on his way to his sisters for the holiday. I was afraid. I was mad. My headache was back with a vengeance.
As it turned out, the house was clean, right on the ocean, big, and nice, albeit decorated with a lot of silk flowers. We didn't see our host except for the wonderful tour and when we came back from dinner and she offered us a plate full of homemade cookies. Really, this woman was so excited to have someone stay with her, it was a little endearing. In the morning we awoke to a huge breakfast of fresh melon and fruit, pastries, bagels, juice, milk, and more. It was so perfect (except for paying twice for the room). Lily could run around outside in the fenced yard, or inside in the spacious living room. She even got to watch Cinderella.
Lily has been somewhat obsessed with Cinderella for the last week or so. I bought a Cinderella book at a yard sale and read it to her on the plane, we have been singing the songs (or the first two lines of each that I could remember it) and listening to the audio tape (yes, tape) that I took from my parents' house in January. She had never actually seen the movie, but was very familiar with the concept. Well, I think I was more excited that she was for her to watch the actual movie. Lily loved it. Okay, she loved the songs that we fast forwarded to. Well, the ones that actually featured Cinderella. The rest of the trip she would request 'Cinderelly song' and the she and I would sing and dance to "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" it was very cute. Chris even was persuaded to dance with her once. Oh! I almost forgot. Once she started dancing to my rendition of the classic Disney tune and she stops turns to me and says "Me. Dress! Dress Mama! Dance dress!" Translation: "Mother, I need a dress. There is no way I can possibly perform a suitable dance interpretation of Cinderella without a dress to twirl in!" This has been a requirement ever since.
Off we were to Bend. This is my favorite (and pain-free) part of the trip. This town is amazing. It is the high desert and through some of the most gnarly mountains I have seen. The Deshutes River runs right through town and the whole city is kept up so nicely. We rented a small house blocks from downtown, numerous parks, shopping, etc. We only got in the car once the whole time we were there. It was amazing.
Here are some shots from Bend:

On the boardwalk on the way to Bend.


Hanging out at the park

Testing out some kayak skills at the children's museum


Claudia said...

Megarella, thanks so much for taking a night out of your family trip to hang with me and Adam. It was so fun to see you guys, and I am so sad that my day off didn't correspond with one of your days in town! Such is life, I suppose. And I'm sorry I missed wishing you a happy anniversary in person! I am a bad friend with a bad memory. I love you more than words can say, and yet I forget the important stuff. At least I got to take you out to dinner! (Though I would've done that regardless if it was your anniversary or not!). And now it appears that Adam and I need to visit Bend! I'm so glad you had a good time (except for the coast hotel bit).

Malia said...

And so the makings of princess Lily have begun........
Sorry to hear about your headache. It doesn't surprise me as you had so much on your plate before you had to leave. BUT, so good to hear about the good times. Your commentary makes me smile. Love it.