Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bend 2

The house we rented in Bend was so sweet. The young couple that owns it really had gone over the top to restore the little one bedroom gem. The slate floors, salvaged barnwood and corrugated metal accents were amazing. There were a lot of little accents like this lamp (below) that made the place so cool. I thought I took a picture of the kitchen, but I guess not. They had green drawers and cabinets that were so cool with the whole decor. My favorite part was the sliding door to the bedroom. The bedroom had a huge, maybe 8 foot wide doorway trimmed in barnwood. They had made a sliding door from the barn that was amazing. It slid on the old slider thing (what is that part called that a door slides on. . . I want to write 'castors' but that is the chair wheels right?) and had the corrugated metal on one side and bamboo on the other. Sweeeeeeeet. Really, it was awesome. Again, where is the picture I took of that? Oh yeah, the big screen tv wasn't that bad either.

I would love to live in Bend, in one of the restored arts and crafts style houses. I could just imagine myself hooking Lily up in the bike trailer and cruising down to the park for a little picnic. Or maybe we would take a little float down the river and feed some ducks. I daydreamed like this the whole time we were there. I even started feeling a little sense of urgency like "we MUST move here. . .NOOOOOOW" but today as Chris and Lily and I walked down our street and I looked down at Maalaea harbor with the sun setting behind the West Maui mountains, I realized there is no rush. We love it here too.


Malia said...

You guys scored with this little house. Love seeing a glimpse of it. Bend sounds great. We will enjoy you while we have you though!

susannah said...

you are a great writer, loved reading about your trip

susannah said...

yeah! I worked I posted a comment!