Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sisters in Hana

One of the first things we did with both sisters here is go camping in Hana. It was wet and full of bugs, Lily threw up in the car and Tori complained the whole time, but I think aside from that, we all had a good time.

First stop: the bamboo hike. cliff jumping, bamboo forest, oh, and huge limb-claiming mosquitoes.

Now THIS is cliff jumping. In Hana some locals were jumping off of this. . .precipice. It was huge. At least 50 feet. The best part is that it is not accessible by foot. You have jump off a much smaller cliff into rough waters and swim to this small, super tall, island and climb up it's rocky, volcanic face. The girl here is not jumping off of the highest point. The thing was so tall it was impossible to capture the tippy top and the ocean below in the same frame. It was amazing.

We took a lot of stuff. Too much stuff.


Claudia said...

Um, WOW. I am having no-so-pleasant flashbacks to the last time I jumped off a 50 foot ledge. And that seems kinda tame compared to volcano cliff there. I think I would be smart this time around and pass. But the camping sounds fun!

Steffy said...

I can't believe how much stuff you guys got in the car! You are amazing!