Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Litter On a Stick

We flew into Portland, OR last night and it is as beautiful as I remember it. We had an almost perfect day in the city.
We took the light rail downtown and we loved watching the trees, cute houses and of course, the river zoom by. One thing that was so great is the lack of billboards. I love Salt Lake City, many of you know that, but I hate all the ads that jump out and wrench your attention away from the towering mountains. The slogans, products and screaming deals inundate the valley. Portland had some ads on buildings but nothing to pollute the landscape. Love! Be gone litter on a stick! May you plague our city-scape no more!!
We went to the Wednesday farmers market where we ate golden raspberries, blackberries, artichoke tamales, and sampled EVERYTHING from fruit to flowers and carrots to cucumbers. Mmmmmmmm. I was so happy I could have died. To be honest, the ONLY thing I wanted to do in Oregon was eat food (lots of it) at a fresh farmers market. This was the best one I have been to in years. My taste buds are still dancing in blissful glee! I don't know anything better than having so many fresh berries that you get sick of eating them before they run out.
We stumbled upon a concert at PSU and enjoyed some good ol' outdoor rock and roll. It was really fun. I haven't been to a concert in, well, over two years, and it was about time I heard some screaming and drums. . .even if it was in the afternoon with stroller in tow.
We walked all over the downtown area and found the most hilarious bakery. Voodoo Donuts is irreverent, creative and also a wedding chapel. You can get married in the 5'x5' entry way under a plaster donut of the same dimensions while eating a maple frosted raised donut topped with bacon. I opted not to test the culinary creations of Voodoo and not just because I have a rule not to eat baked goods from any place that also sells thong underwear. We had set out for a treat and I had something more refined in mind than the Grape Ape or Oreo PB and J donut. Maybe tomorrow we can raise the culinary bar but certainly the creative and eclectic record has been set. It was awesome.
We made it back to the square in time for a free blues concert that was spectacular. The most amazing female blues pickin' guitar I have ever heard and a sax. Their songs were funny, heart-warming and so jolly I wanted to stand up and clap and stomp my feet with several other lookers-on but I was bound to my rocker. That's right, my rocking chair. They had a row of wooden rocking chairs in the back. They were all painted funky colors and patterns and I was lucky to snag one. Lily loved to "rock a baby" with Mama and listen to the music.
We are beat but we can't wait until tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh Portland, we love you!

Mucho pictures to come. . .maybe when we get home. . .I can't find the cord!!!


Steffy said...

Yeah for Portland! It sounds like you are having so so much fun! i might have to hop in the car and drive out to play with you! It only takes, what 10 hours, to get there? Sounds worth it to me!

Britny and Jeffers said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun!!!! Portand sonds awesome! :)

Kate said...

Sounds like so much fun. I never knew how cool Portland is. Hope to make it there one day. Keep having a blast.

Malia said...

Glad you are having fun! I was salivating at the part about the farmer's market!!

Claudia said...

Thanks for hanging out with us! It was so awesome seeing you!

Brooke said...

How fun, I love a good old fashion farmer's market!!

Angi said...

Don't let Randall see me reading this, I keep telling him I'm not a northwest type gal but you're making it sound so tantilizing!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention, I don't know if you've heard of or not but if you have don't you love it and if you haven''ll love it!