Monday, March 10, 2008

Music. . .And You Thought I Forgot

I like to think of myself as the camel of blogging. I may not do it everyday but every so often I hit an oasis and I stock up.

My sister just called me with the coolest psychology assignment ever. Please note that it is closing in on 1 am for her and this is due tomorrow. Crazy girl.

The assignment: Personality CD

5 songs

1. a song about a trait you inherited from your father
2. a song about a trait you inherited from your mother
3. a song about a trait you learned from someone else
4. a song about how others see you.
5. a song about a trait that is unique to you.

She then has to write a paragraph 'spalining her self.

I had so much fun doing this with her. Had I been given a week to help her it still would not have been enough time. I was pouring through my itunes, digging out old CDs, searching song lyrics and song meanings, asking Chris, and just loving it. Tori was fading fast as she waited on the phone as I played yet another 'I totally love this song!' that had no relevance to her assignment. We had to hurry so we didn't do as thorough a job as we should/could have but here are the results for Tori:

1. Studying Stones Ani DiFranco
2. Answer Sarah McLachlan
3. Fairytale Sara Bareilles
4. Stand Still Look Pretty The Wreckers
5. Whatever You Want Vienna Teng

As you can see, Tori loves the girl power as much as I do. I soooooo want to do this for myself but I don't have enough time to think about it before this Monday ends. So, here is the deal. Everyone do it. All y'all (I think the count is up to 5 now. . .Ali and Mindy commented on my blog so I am counting them as readers) do the assignment. Yes, it is a pointless exercise but so is surfing and you don't see my boards on Craig's list. Do it. DO IT.

Oh and for Erin and Claudia:

Nickel Creek
James Taylor
Phantom Planet
Dashboard Confessional
Heather Nova
Red West
Ben Kweller
Ben Folds
This is just off the top of my head. There are much much much more. So there. (insert raspberry)


Erin said...

I love the idea...I think I'll need a little time to come up with something though...stay tuned...I love elipsi!

Erin said...

Oh, and as this is Tori's list of songs, I expect to see yours, little lady!

Ali Howell said...

ok, i'm going to do it...but it may take me a few days...i also will be digging! I can think of alot of songs that explain moments in my life that tell why i am who i am today...but this will make me think really hard! I love it!
And can i just say i love the way you do lillys hair!!! SO CUTE!
oh...and i also want to see your list!!!

Steffy said...

I did it! That was super fun!

callie.bottero said...

Betchya didn't know I read your blog eh? I love the music assignment. Think I'll do it this weekend. Maybe. I work better under pressure, so if you could give a deadline or a due date, it would be much appreciated.

Love Cal

P.S. My favorite thing to tell people about lately is "What does the count say?" Betchya didn't know I live vicariously through you either. "Ah Ah Ah..."