Monday, March 31, 2008


We had such a great time camping in Hana for two nights this weekend. We went with (surprise!) the Anderson's and Brian and Makena (neighbors of Troy and Amy) met us out there on Friday. Brynn, Brian's wife, was sick and couldn't come. She sure missed out, we had such a good time. . .for the most part. Lily was GRUMPY! Those dang upper molars finally decided to cut through. She was having a hard time (and thus, so was I!) but we did see some beautiful things. Chris and I love to go to Hana. We feel like we are on a different island! We try to go every few months and camp. Hana is on the East side of Maui, on the other side of Haleakala (the big mountain). Hana town is a very small town on the rain-forest side of Maui but is surrounded by hikes, hidden pools, waterfalls and beaches. "The Road to Hana" is a famous tourist attraction but I think people rush it. They try to drive to Hana and back in one day. I really think it is best appreciated over several days. Here are some shots from our most recent trip.

Blue Pool: Chris and I have never hiked to Blue Pool before. There are a million "no trespassing" and "turn around! Kapu!" signs but we ignored them and we are so glad we did! Blue Pool is on public land, so we weren't really being naughty. It still felt a little rebellious driving past all the signs, which maybe added to the fun.


Claudia said...

The waterfall looks awesome. It actually looks like a location that was filmed on "Lost". Anyway, it sounds like an awesome trip!

Kate said...

wow, looks amazing and so beautiful over in Hana. We will have to make if over there next time we come to visit (and there must be a next time) I dream of it all the time!!