Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Once Had a Cat That Was Orange

by Lily

I once had a cat that was orange. It was a good cat and a bad cat. It was very very nice and I loved it. Orangey was good and very very nice. I loved it more than anything and it was very very very good. I love the cat.
My cat is now writing on paper with his claws. He was a very good eater. He liked his treats and just a minute let me think. . .and if he did not find a treat I throwed he will just look at me and I will just throw him another one and he will eat it. Orangey sang to cats. Now that's a good cat. I miss my cat. He was not a good hunter. Pedro was his mom. She was a good hunter. She once caught a cricket. Orangey died on October when I turned 3. I would like to have a new cat. I think it will be the same cat as Pedro but a kitten. I think it will be so cute. I think one is so cute that I saw. I am very good. I will name my kitty Black-Orange and that is the end of my story.
by Lilikoi Clara Nilsson
The End


Brooke said...

What a creative little mind, just like her Mama. Loved that story Lily! Just beautiful.

Claudia said...

Black-Orange is an awesome cat name. Claire likes to pretend she's a cat. I asked her what her cat name was (because of course, it wasn't Claire). I listed common cat names until she told me what it was: Garfield, Patches, Mittens, etc. Then I said Morris. She said yes, Mormis. So we have regular appearances from Mormis the cat. But Black-Orange is good, too.

Beth said...

That is so dang sweet! She can come play with Joey anytime if you don't want to get her a new cat. Orangey was a nice cat.

Malia said...

Well isn't that precious! What a cutie. Great story Lily :)