Saturday, May 8, 2010

40 Days and 40 (sleepless) Nights

If I do one a day. . .it just might happen. . .

1.  Buy a carseat
2.  Buy Lily a bed.
3.  Set up Lily's bed.
4.  Set up crib for baby.
5.  Wash baby clothes.
6.  Paint bedroom.
7.  Move Lily's clothes to. . .somewhere?
8.  Move dresser to closet and fill with clean baby clothes.
9.  Prepare for preschool yardsale.
10.  Make slideshow for preschool graduation.
11.  Clean . . .EVERYTHING.
12.  Convert tri-folds into all-in-ones (cloth diapers, people)
13.  Organize closets, mostly mine.
14.  Mail Mother's Day gift to my Mother-in-Law (sigh. . .late)
15.  Dig up daffodils.
16.  Get my hair cut.(it has been since last July)
17.  Order my favorite baby soaps and lotions.
18.  Clean out the kitchen lazy susan cabinet.
19.  Clean behind the fridge.
20.  Clean behind the stove.
21.  Put weed barrier down in "The Pit".
22.  Set up the baby swing.
23.  Sterilize bottles and pump.
24.  Clean out fridge.
25.  Clean out freezer.
26.  Buy a stroller that fits the carseat from #1.
27.  Organize storage area and find the rest of the baby gear.
28.  Buy some pacifiers in hopes that this kid will take one.
29.  Buy tile for the cabin (more on this later!)
30.  Buy tables, chairs for the preschool.
31.  Paint the small wall of the preschool.
32.  Plan the first few months of preschool.
33.  Fix the towel ring in the upstairs bathroom.
34.  Sew shower curtain for downstairs bath.
Nag Chris about the following:
35.  Finish the chicken coop.
36.  Dig and bury cement barriers to keep the neighbor's nasty dogs out of the chicken coop.
37.  Secure the slide in the backyard.
38.  Put boulders down in "The Pit".
39.  Move furniture out of the preschool.
And, last, but not least,
40.  Pick a name for this baby.


Erin said...

A woman's work is never done. I need to do a lot of the same things, minus that baby stuff. But when you minus that baby stuff, and convert preschool to high school, That leaves about 20, which is how many days I have before I move out of my house. So I'm right there with you. Sort of.

callie.bottero said...

Ay! Not to mention you're tired, everything hurts, and you just want to sit down. Oh, but when you do, you're uncomfortable! Dang! I feel for you... truly!


Brooke said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you have a list... you must be nesting :)
And what a great list that is!! What can I help with??? Please!!! I would love to come over with my big strong boys and do some work for you. Weed the pit, move things around, watch Lily while you get a hair cut... please. What day or days work best for you. Did I tell you I WANT to help you! I was just in your shoes a year ago and I know exactly how you feel!!!

momwouldgo said...

I wish I was there to help! Love you!

john and jane said...

That's a great list. Cloth diapers, I'm very impressed and do you guys have chickens! I so want chickens and we have thought about it, but our yard is too small or we haven't built a coop and then our yard is again too small. You are amazing to be an awesome preschool teacher in the midst of getting ready for a new baby. I wish I could help you. We miss you guys.

Claudia said...

You sure have your work cut out for you! I wish I lived closer so I could help you! I have many of those things on my list (the cleaning stuff anyway), but I just keep putting them off. Maybe if I had a time constraint (not to mention the biologic/psychological compulsion to have everything cleaned, organized and ready to go) I would actually have it all done. Does that mean it's time for ME to get preggo again?

Britny and Jeffers said...

Meg, let me know if you want me to come up and help! I would love to! I can't wait for you to have the baby! If you need any help call me! :)

The Fenns said...

Meg! I love the list, funny that many of those items are also on my list. :) I would LOVE to help you in any way. Logan could come over and play and I will help you.

Hey, we need to get together and talk more about this cabin. I talked to Jared, he's game. Let's get together for dinner or dessert sometime.