Friday, April 9, 2010

My Stars Have Aligned

With two of the coolest people of my life joining forces I have to spread the word!  As you know, my cousin is the mastermind and creative genius behind My Baby Rocks and has been putting out cute clothes for rockers, punkers and their punklings now for a while.  I have another friend, my first BFF, if you will (seriously, since 18 mo old!) who has the best mommy blog ever and is offering a giveaway of one of my favorite My Baby Rocks items.
All you have to do is go to My Baby Rocks and pick out your favorite item on the website and then go to A Baby?  Maybe and leave a comment telling what your fav is.  Then, you could win the most adorable little anchor dress or t-shirt you ever did see.  Lily had this dress and I still squeeze her into it as a shirt with some leggings, which means she wears it with only undies.
As for me?  My fav, of course, is my robot shirt.  Although, a close second would be the chandelier burnout shirt (which Lily, I promise, is wearing RIGHT NOW and I didn't even plan it.)  Lily calls it the 'tangerine' shirt and loves to wear it with her black skirt.

Here are some shots from the last photo shoot that Lily did with my cousin.  I sometimes wish that talent was catching like the plague.  Still hoping to come down with some of Andrea's genius.  So head over to A Baby? Maybe. . .and win something for the special little punk in your life.