Friday, November 20, 2009

I do.

It is hard to start back at something you have left for so long. I have so many pictures, stories and funnies to share from the last 6 weeks but, in the words of a once great TV show, "I don't wanna". I just don't have the energy to back track. At least not now. That is partly why I keep procrastinating my blog. Oh, that and the fact that I have been teaching preschool everyday since my sister-in-law gave birth to her third little cutie.

So, I decided to compromise with myself. I will write a blog today, but I will write it on something arbitrary. That sounds more fun.
This blog entry is actually something I started working on in August. I meant to publish it for my 7th anniversary at the end of that month but. . .well, November never sounded better so here we go:

I got married young. Too young. At 21 I barely had the self awareness to know that I was going to be the one wearing the dress. To have any solid opinions of style, reception, flowers, music or any other details was waaaaay out of the realm of possibility for 21 year old Megarella (my nickname by my roommies at 21. If that, alone, doesn't speak volumes to our maturity then I don't know what will). Now, at 28, I look back with perhaps only slightly more mature eyes, but different ones, and certainly more opinionated ones. I am sure that 7 years from now, at 35, I will have entirely different tastes again. I guess that is what makes life fun. Or at least interesting. Either way, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my current opinions on wedding style. If I were getting married today, here is what I would chose:

I am in love with the invitations from rifle design. I want to renew my vows just for the reason of these invitations.

I went to a work seminar once where they had a dessert table with millions of little tiny desserts mini creme brule in mini tea cups and tiny tiny brownies in tiny tiny papers. I loved it. It was the best marriage of delicious and delicate. And I could justify have 5.

I went to a reception in a barn once. It was so elegantly decorated inside and they had a very Nickel Creek-esque band playing. I was so mad that I was already married. I want to be married in a barn! No, I don't. I just want to celebrate it in the barn! I still would get married in the temple.

Aside from nearly tearing our relationship apart, having my mother make my wedding dress was just too much work. For her. It was too hard to communicate what I wanted long distance (also, I didn't know what I wanted) and too many people 'helped' resulting something that was beautiful, stunning, but not what I had imagined. This is what I imagine today.

What else:
I would suck it up and have a night time reception. I don't care how tired I would be, they look cooler, are cooler.
I would have dancing.
I would have a limited number of people come. And serve a nice dinner.

What I wouldn't change:

Chris. I would still pick him. Everyday.
Temple. I don't regret being sealed forever to Chris.
Not throwing my bouquet. Still wouldn't.

Also, it goes without saying, that in my fantasy wedding land, both me, and my fiance, Chris, are multi-millionaires.


Erin H. said...

I don't know if I could ever express truly how much I love you and have missed your blogging. I feel connected to you through this venue in a way I can't be otherwise because of how far apart we live from each other. I have been stuck - and unhappy - with my blogging. This makes me want to blog again. This helps me know that you are alive and still the excellent story teller. This, more than catching up, is what makes a good blog. Welcome back. And sorry so sappy. Luv yer guts!

Erin H. said...

Oh, and my first thought was that song with the same title as you blog post, so I was wondering if you would be talking about your wedding!

Angi said...

I'm so happy you're back! And I hope to be recieving one of those awesome invites to your re-vow.

Also, I wish I was as good as you at the word verification game. This one seems like it could be good but I just can't think of anything for migmate.

Trestle Design said...

you are funny. i ALWAYS think about what i would do now at 28. i was 12, i mean 20 when i got married. love the invites, love the barn and love love the dress.

Trestle Design said...

by the way... this is emily!

Anonymous said...

I regret a lot about my wedding day. I planned the whole thing by myself, except I chose things that I thought would make others happy and not what I wanted for my wedding. I totally hear you on the not knowing what you really want when you're that young ( I was (19.) I'm SO glad you're posting again. I LOVE your blog. It makes my heart smile and saddens me because I'm SUCH A SLACKER friend. Will do better. We love you guys!!

Claudia said...

Since I was the one that gave you that nickname, I think it says more about my immaturity than yours, given that I am 2 years older than you. Oh, and since I still sometimes address envelopes to Megarella. I guess we probably have moved beyond the goofy college nickname point, haven't we. I guess now that you've written this post, all of us married readers are probably thinking of the things we would do differently, and I'm no exception. Love your new choices, just as I loved your old ones. Especially the dress. Love that dress!

Brooke said...

I am so glad you posted this!! I love it, you have some awesome ideas. I want to do my wedding over too. :)