Monday, September 21, 2009


The second night of our trip, we camped just outside of Bozeman. (Yes, we camped in Yellowstone, just for one night).

Bozeman is a cool, little college town with an awesome, funky downtown. We dropped Lily off at a drop in day care that we stumbled upon. I know, I couldn't believe that I did it either, I surprised myself but she was BEGGING to go in and lets face it, after 10 hours in the car in two days I was ready for a break. It was really fun to walk around downtown, sans toddler, and have an adult conversation, browse the many antique stores and not hear "My Little Pony" theme song in the background (although it was still in our heads).
We picked Lily up an hour later because it was starting to rain and we had to get back on the road.

The "wildlife" in front of the Bozeman library. I loved the Bozeman library. They had an amazing kids section. Lily could have spent all day there. She loved all of the activities, puzzles, games and puppets they had for the kids to explore. There were a lot of kids there, I could tell it was a pride of the town.

Our campsite in Bozeman. We camped at this little campground just outside of town. It had a pool and a playground. Lily loved it. It wasn't really back woods camping, but it was nice to get a warm shower and to have a place for Lily to climb around. She even loved the pool even though that day was freezing!

Chris worked at this guest ranch the summer after high school. We had to have a picture of his old 'stomping grounds'. Seriously, he said 'stompin' grounds' when we passed it. Sigh. I guess we are getting old. We decided not to drive up the canyon to the ranch for lunch. We told ourselves it was a time issue. Really, it was a 5-star-resort-food-not-being-in-our-budget-so-lets-not-tempt-meg issue.

Whitefish Ho!


Erin H. said...

That last picture looks so splendid. I must admit, most of my memories of Montana are of it under 4 feet of snow. I forgot how pretty it is in the summer months! Where are the bears?