Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I found my camera cord connecter thing!

Thus I can now blog. . .

Three little dollies for three little girls.

Salt Lake Arts Fest. We had a great time. Lily even got to play a real violin. She was in heaven. She took much longer than her turn.

Some little jammies I made for a little baby. . .too bad they fit Lily so well. The baby got something different. . .

Every year my family goes to Aspen Grove family camp. We had a great time this year. It was a little rainy but we still had a great time in the beautiful Utah mountains. It is weeks like this that I feel good about moving here from Maui. Lily loved painting this Moonicorn at the arts center.

We loved having Chris with us the whole week. Lily loved fishing (good thing David was there to clean the fish. . .I swear if times got bad I would have to kill the game for our family, and that is sad) and even ate the trout for breakfast.

We loved all the available babysitting and took advantage of our time alone for a little hike.

Lily loves my little cousin, Anna. How could you not? She is adorable!

And finally, my latest sewing endeavor has been swimsuit making. It is something I have wanted to make even before I had a sewing machine. Trust me, even ask Claudia, she can vouch. This little one was the latest swap I sent out to Boston. I have been sporting my own swimsuit at the local pool and have gotten several compliments. You won't see it here, however. There are few things in life that cause you to come face to face with your own insecurities more rashly than sewing your own swimsuit. Posting pictures of yourself on your own blog in that swimsuit is one of them. It is navy, it is retro, it is fabulous and it is only a tiny bit too small.


Erin H. said...

Hmmm, one of those darling dolls looks strangely suspicious...and SO
CUTE!! You really are good. And swimsuits? I didn't eve know you could make those for yourself! Shows you how much I know! I'm glad you had fun with your family. Lily is all smiles and must have been loving her time. Oh, and if things get tough will you hunt and fish for me too? That fish is a whopper! And my security word verification is "chess." Just thought that was worth saying.

Heidi #1 said...

Wow! You are talented! Sewing swimsuits has got to be a lost art. That is awesome! I am into sewing as well, but do mostly quilts. I should say did mostly quilts cause about 2 years ago I had a crappy sewing machine and the tension was off and snagged my thread one too many times in one afternoon so I lost all control and heaved it into the garbage can and never looked back. Ben says to me, "Why didn't you take it to the DI?" Trust one at the DI wanted to pay for that piece. I haven't been able to replace it yet. I miss sewing.

Meg said...

Ha ha! Heidi, you are hilarious!

Claudia said...

Megarella, the doll is absolutely beautiful. And I love her name. In this case, Claire doesn't have naming rights, and I am totally okay with that. When I commented that I wanted something Meg-made for the munchi, I had no idea that 1) I would get something so quickly, and 2) that I would get something so wonderful. Thank you. I feel really L.A.M.E. saying thank you for the doll via blog comment, so I've gotta think up something cooler to do. I wish I was as creative. Handmade stuff is the coolest.

As for the is so funny that you mentioned my name in the text, because as soon as I saw the first picture, I though about how we used to talk about making retro swimsuits. You rock. You are so talented. I love it, and can't wait to see what other beautiful creations you come up with!

Malia said...

Come on! We wanna see the suit! Your family trip looks awesome... yeah gotta love free family babysitting services.