Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Three hours before leaving for church.
One hour before church.
Ten minutes before church.

5 seconds before church.  Man, I hate the afternoon shift!


Anonymous said...

I did that to Isabelle when she was 2. I don't think I did it right because when I took the little pieces of fabric out of her hair wa SOOOO curly. I brushed it out. It was an all out fro!! It was hillarious. I loved it. Poor kid.... her mamma laughed at her. I tell my kids that I laugh because it makes my heart smile. I don't think I took a picture.

Steffy said...

Oh man... That's how Zekey's face always looks right before church. (but not his hair).

Brooke said...

I loved the play by play! she looked so beautiful :)
So, are you moving into your house soon? Let me know if you need any help, we would love to skip on over there, since you will be so close :)

Malia said...

I am feelin' ya with the afternoon church! That was so classic. Look at the last pic of Lily then envision Pukalani Ward JR Primary at 2PM :) Kalena loved seeing these. She said "Ooooh Yeaaaah! Lily! I wanna see her with her dress on."

The Williams said...

Ella does good when we have the afternoon shift. We're currently doing the morning shift and it's during her nap time....soooo...it's not too good...=(. She won't nap at church.


She is so adorable!!!! I definitely agree late church is so hard!!! She still looks cute without the bows!! We are sure going to miss you guys not living down the street. I am glad you found a house though. Call us anytime and I will do the same.