Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers of the Children

For the first time, Lily insisted on saying her prayer herself, last night.  Here is her first prayer:

Heavenly Father,  Thank you our food and bless us be safe and bless my Barbies be safe and my pillow be safe and comfy [we recently washed her pillow and it got all lumpy and was horrible until I gave her my pillow] and my Cinderlly Barbie be in my bed [no Barbies are allowed in her bed] and my princess bed.
Name Christ Amend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Pictures

The carrot cake has long been eaten but the little princess still wears her blue gown daily.  I can't believe two years has flown by as fast as it has.  I can't believe that 3 months has flown by since this birthday happened and we moved to Utah.  It seems that time moves faster now that I am getting older.  I anticipate things in terms of years instead of days.  And yet, those times when I let the dishes sit in the sink and toss out plans of a homemade meal and just sit and play dolls, the world stops spinning and for a second or a month or maybe forever, it really does feel like magic.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo Tag

Better late than never, I guess.  I am finally able to upload pictures again.  (sigh of relief!)
Here are some pictures I took a while ago for the photo tag:
Something I can walk to, the view from my front door, something in my house that is red, and my kitchen.  I think that I was also supposed to put in a meal that I had that day but I don't know what happened to that picture.  To make up for it I will include a picture of what my house looks like when all three of us have the stomach flu.  I figured it would cheer anyone up.  Luckily, my family (and my home) have since recovered.

Reversible/Adjustable Party Hat TUTORIAL!

Check out my birthday hat tutorial (a few posts down).  I guess if you start a post one day and then finish it another it still posts it in chronological order from when you started it.  Go figure.  Well, let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

Love, Meg

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Saint George

I am having a hard time blogging. I am having numerous issues, far too frustrating to type at this time. Here are some shots from a trip we took to Cedar City and St. George. This was way before CHristmas. . .see how behind I am? We did some hiking with Chris' parents to look at some petroglyphs in some amazing slot canyons, spent a day in Zion and had fun visiting with friends in Cedar City. We can't wait to go back. I have more to write, but since this is the only thing that is working right now, I will leave it at this. Can you hear me fuming through the font? I am. Blogger beware! I have plans for you!

I love this picture of Lily in the slot canyon.  What a little hiker.