Sunday, December 7, 2008

And the Winner Is. . .

Anna from Anna's Nest. Her blog is amazing so you should check it out.
I tried to link it on here but it isn't working. Try you won't be sorry!
I also should say that I was lucky enough to win 2 patterns from Kekya Lou's etsy shop. I am very excited to try them out. Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I hope I can do another one soon. It was sure fun to see so many comments on my post! Good luck with holiday shopping (or crafting). I am really having a hard time typing after driving almost 400 miles today. I think I should sleep and try again later when I can spell.


Angi said...

Your give-away was so cute and I am so LAME!!! I'm going to do after Christmas "soon?"

Angi said...

Your give-away was so cute and that Anna lady is very lucky. Now if I do one only 2 people will be competing but I guess that's good because that gives you a 50% chance of winning!

Angi said...

Meg, I didn't read the "your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval" until after that second comment, I thought it just didn't work so you can delete one...and this one too


anna w said...

I'm so excited, and can't wait to receive it! It's just the thing for my little girl's first birthday at the end of this month!

Thank you so much, and a very Merry Christmas to all! :)