Friday, February 6, 2009

Double Feature

Rarely do I get excited about movies.  I like movies, but I don't love them.  There are just very few that I really enjoy or think are unique, or worth  my two hours.  I especially don't often get excited enough about a show to go to the theater to watch it.  Theaters are very uncomfortable to me.  They are dirty, loud, expensive, not toddler friendly and rarely will they pause the movie for me while I use the ladies room.  I just prefer a movie at home.  Maybe that makes me boring.  

Imagine my surprise when it so happens that there are TWO movies coming out today that I am so excited to see I considered a double feature.  

1.  Coraline.

A stop-action film made entirely of handmade items.  Amazing.  I can't stop going to the website and exploring all the the little Easter eggs.  I can't wait to see it and I MUST see it on the big screen so that my attention is full and the buttons enlarged so I can see every stitch.  
The story looks cute, also, which is a plus.  The pure uniqueness of it is what gets me.

At least check this out.

2.  He's Just Not That Into You

Ever since Erin told me how funny the book (not a novel) was and how many laughs she and Claudia had reading it in the car one day, I have been a fan.  I gave it to my sister and had her read the sometimes irreverent but always spot on self help book about standing up for yourself, giving up when it is time and moving on.  When I saw the trailer, I knew I had to go.  Alyssa's birthday was on Tuesday and so she, Tori and I are watching HJNTIY tonight.  I will let you know what I think.  

Who wants to see Coraline tomorrow?  


Erin said...

I want to see Coraline too! Will it count as us going together if we go at the same time at opposite ends of the state? I think it is a dystopia (as per. my last blog post), so I want to recommend it to my students if it is. But it looks so cute in creepy way. I am also excited about movie option #2...I should probably see it this weekend becuase I won't go next weekend when everyone is out on dates with their significant others on the romantic holiday coming up.

Beth said...

I want to see both of these movies too. So how can I ditch my baby for a few hours to fly to UT and see a couple of movies with you?

Claudia said...

so I think I posted comments under Beth's sign in--she had me come look on your blog updates, and I typed stuff without logging out of her name and into mine. On your house post, too. Sorry. so the stuff about flying to UT and about Adam looking downtrodden--yep, that's all me!

Malia said...

Well, now you have to post your reviews so us people who live all the way across the pacific ocean from you will know if it is worth our 10 bucks a pop.

Brooke said...

I really want to see that first one. I have a hard time spending that much on a movie though, I prefer to watch it for a little less money on DVD on my couch.
Did you see them? Yes, give us a review.

Anonymous said...

My kids LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas so I've been trying to get my kids to go see Coraline with me, but I don't think it will happen and I don't know that anyone else here will be as excited about a Tim Burton movie as I am. I should just get over it and ask! Also.... if you're going to see it, find out if they have it in 3D. I could go on ALL day about Tim Burto so, I will just leave it at that. HJNTIY was good by the way. I liked it.

Claudia said...

So how were the movies?

Malia said...

So we went to go see the He' Just not that into you movie. Diana called me and I was like "no way!" "Meg just blogged about it!" Like Oh, My, Goodness :) Anyways, I loved it. What did you think?

Anonymous said...

So since i'm not an official blogger you just gotta know it's Kimberee Kimberah! And Heather and Jamie and I did go see Coraline and H & I were a bit frightened. Not jamie the rock, tho! And enthralled! Captivated if you will, and I think you will. I never want someone to sew buttons on my eyes! I watched a bit on the "making of". Fascinating. I get bored folding laundry. I could never to that!