Monday, April 28, 2008

My Day Off

After 6 short hours in the hospital, my mystery lump was removed and I was sent home. Other than a gnarly bruise that would rival even the likes of Claudia's and a little swelling, I am feeling really well. The pain is minimal. I would say I am in no more pain now than I was before the surgery and I assume I am healing normally. I have a post-op appointment next week so I don't really know if my scarred and bruised boob is up to par but I am not seeing any extensive bleeding or other weirdness. Is that TMI (for you Office fans?)?

Thank you for the well wishes and the concern. I am well, and in another week when I can get back in the water, I will be back to my old self again.


Erin said...

I am glad you are doing well and hope you recover quickly. Luv ya!

Kate said...

i had no clue you were going in for this since i havent read your blog in a few days. I had the same kind of thing in my groin last year that i had to have removed. I was fluid filled cyst and now it is back. I hope you are doing well. What did they find out the dang thing was?
THinking of you!!

Ali Howell said...

6 hours??? After all of your hopes for at least a day only got 6 hours?!!! I'm really glad that you are healing well and not in any more pain than before. I hope the week flies by and you will be pain free and back to the beach! Maybe you should plan a vacation next time instead of a hospital stay! :)

threelittlebirds said...

I need to check in more often.. i really hope everything turns out okay. Lee's Mom gets cysts all of the time so I have heard how painful they are.

p.s. next time maybe you should try daydreaming about a vacation instead of a hospital stay ;)

Bruner Family said...

wow Meg! I had no idea. I haven't been in the blog world much lately so I just got caught up tonight. I am glad you are okay and that it went well, but still...I am so sorry. You are a trooper...and I love your humor during stressful times :) Love ya Meg!